Peninsula Enterprise, August 8, 1885


Proceedings of July Term, 1885:

A receipt from Margaret Evans to Hester Rew was proved and ordered recorded.

Inquests over the bodies of Wm. T. Freeman and Isaac Phillips were returned and filed.

Authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony was granted Rev. W. H. Stone.

Accounts against the Commonwealth in criminal matters in favor of Joseph W. Mears, J. P., George T. Scarburgh, M.D., Wm. E. Lewis, special constable, and John H. Wise, sheriff, and jailor, were allowed and certified.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows, to wit: For Lloyd W. Mears, $5.20; John Hyslop, $8; Custis Northam $18.10; Hopkins Waples, & Co., $2.98; John Lofland, $30; Alfred Taylor, $7; John Johnson, $3.75; William West, $5.25; Littleton Davis, $5.25; F. T. Stockley, $33.12; and William R. Parramore, $28.96.

Accounts of fiduciaries were confirmed and ordered recorded as follows, to wit: Orphan accounts of John A. and Ann Bundick's heirs, Gilbert and Elizabeth Young, audits of estates of James S. Mason, Thomas Dix, Hannah Bevans and John R. Drummond.

Last will of Thomas Hall, Sr. dec'd, probated, and Edward H. Conquest qualified as administrator with will annexed.

Last will of Rose Ann Barnes, deceased, probated, and John P. Barnes qualified as executor.

James H. Fletcher, Jr., qualified as administrator with will annexed of Benjamin T. Byrd, deceased.

John W. Hyslop qualified as administrator of Smith Hyslop, deceased.

William Ellis qualified as administrator of Mariah Mason, deceased.

Charles Dickerson qualified as administrator of Thomas Dickerson, deceased.

Alfred J. Lilliston qualified as administrator of Sophia Young, deceased.

Benjamin T. and John J. Gunter qualified as administrators of John M. Fosque, deceased.

William T. Mason qualified as guardian of Mary, George and Lena Holt, orphans of George Holt, deceased

A special grand jury empanelled returned an indictment against Samuel T. Taylor for the murder of Benjamin T. Byrd; an indictment against William T. Rayfield for murder of John W. Young; an indictment against William Bullen for selling manufactured articles, to wit: carriages without a license. Venire Facias for the trial of Samuel T. Taylor on 1st day of August term, and Rayfield on 3rd day of same term were awarded.

Ex parte, Edward Melson's administrator, order referring cause to commissioner.

Order substituting Henry T. Mason, trustee in place of John Neely in deed from Burwell Ewell and wife for separate use of Mrs. Ewell.

Award made between Thomas Lilliston and George Connor and James P. Lilliston's administrator c. t. a., returned and entered as the judgment of the court.

The Commonwealth vs R. D. Fletcher rule, discharged; same vs George Finney, indictment for assault and battery on Peter White, defendant convicted and fined $5 and cost.

Edward Nock vs C. T. Boggs et als, on warrant for damages in a road matter, agreed and dismissed.

The Commonwealth vs William Allen, warrant for carrying a pistol concealed, verdict of not guilty and judgment of acquittal.

Joseph W. Mears, J. P., paid into court $5 fine collected of William Lang for breach of promise; and $2.50 fine collected of George Nock for assault and battery on William H. Hickman.

Bar room license was granted John R. Sturgis at Sturgis, Thomas G. Elliott at Mappsburg, Walker & Bros., at Pungoteague and Cutler & Son at Pennyville.

Retail liquor license was granted Walter Scott at Drummondtown.

Benjamin W. Mears was appointed surveyor of road precinct No. 30 of Pungoteague district, Francis Stockley of No 19, and Charles Feddeman of No 29 of Atlantic district.

In matter of Samuel T. Taylor's executorial account. Order entered appointing Thomas C. Walston to check for interest on deposit in Marine bank, pay costs and attorney's fee and balance to whom due.

The Commonwealth vs Frank Wilkinson and others, indictment for keeping bagatelle tables without license continued till next term.

Edward Johnson vs William D. Lewis et al on F. C. bond, judgment for plaintiff.

Order entered exempting John Watson from payment to capitation tax.

Petition of A. W. Marshall entered for public road in Muddy Creek neck, order dismissing petition and for county's cost.

Petition of John Anderson and others for public road, petitioned and order appointed viewers.

Petition of A. Frank Byrd and others for public road; order appointing John Brittingham, commissioner to report on road built by R. D. Fletcher.

Ex parte, petition of Alfred Mason etc's guardian, order allowing James H. Mason, guardian, to make expenditure for wards in completing a dwelling commenced by their father William P. Mason, deceased, and directing him to pay cost of petition and attorney's fee.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
August 8, 1885