Peninsula Enterprise, December 13, 1883


Proceedingsat November Term, 1883.

Joseph R. Riggs qualified as administrator de bonis non c.t.a. of Geo. Mears, Sr., deceased.

Guardian account of William H. A. Hopkins with Edward Lee Hickman; confirmed and ordered recorded.

Audit of estate of James Rew, Sr., deceased, by Jesse K. Rew, executor; confirmed and ordered recorded.

Wm. T. Mason qualified as administrator of Thomas W. Custis, deceased.

D. Frank White qualified as administrator of Wm. P. Barnes, deceased.

Order on county treasurer in road and bridge matters, and criminal prosecutions, were entered as follows: Wm. T. Milliner, $4; Alfred J. Wessells, $1; Louis F. Hinman, $3.50; Wm. T. Mason $1.25; F. A. West, $39.05; Wm. H. Lewis, $9; Wm. J. Lewis, $8; Nancy Justice, $2.50; Geo. W. Core, $3; Edward R. Thomas and Charles Feddeman, $70.44; Alfred Taylor, $23; Wm. H. Williams and C. W. Feddeman $2 each; R. R. Lewis, Major H. Stant and Geo Hinman, $1 each and John Neely, $30.

Edward P. Byrd and al. vs. Southey Simpson -- on attachment for rent; report of constable filed.

Order transferring bar room and retail liquor license of Wm. P. Barnes, deceased, at Leemont, to James Lee Justice.

Bar room and retail liquor license were granted to Samuel C. Mason, at Masonville.

James A. Hall vs. Severn Bundick -- on attachment; judgment for plaintiff and order of sale.

Commonwealth vs. Sewell B. Dennis and Frank M. Dennis -- on indictments for carrying a pistol concealed; defendants, respectively, plead guilty, and paid their fines and costs into court, Sewell B. $27.93, and Frank M. $25.17.

The following causes were continued till next term: Commonwealth vs. Henry Kellam, Geo. West, Geo. S. G. Mears, Thomas Watson, Parker W. Parks, Wm. W. Smith, Moses Finney, Wm. Sommers, Franklin C. Lewis, respectively -- upon indictments alleging misdemeanors.

Commonwealth vs. Samuel R. Stebbins -- upon indictment for violating terrapin law; defendant was tried and acquitted.

Same vs. Enoch Conger -- same offence; defendant was tried, convicted, sentenced to one hour in county jail and to pay a fine of $200 and costs of prosecution. Order suspending execution of judgment for 50 days, to allow defendant to apply for writ of error.

Nolle prosequis were entered in the following prosecutions for planting oysters on a natural rock or shoal, to-wit; John F. Powell, Samuel R. Stebbins, Upton Mason, William Ellis, William Sharpley., Abel A. Lake, Ezra K. Young, Frederick D. Jones and Peter Collins, and in case of John S. Melvin for larceny.

Wm. L. Nock, constable, paid into court $3.50, fines collected of Wm. T. Thornton and Samuel Jones, imposed by J. P.

George W. Core qualified as administrator of Mary C. Core, deceased.

Hetty Fisher was appointed and qualified as guardian of Martha F. and Albert T. Fisher, orphans of James P. Fisher, deceased.

Commonwealth vs. Oliver S. Merrill -- on indictment for petit larceny; defendant was tried and acquitted.

Zorobabel C. Mason qualified as admn. of Lloyd Jones, deceased.

Upon petition of Elizabeth S. Fletcher et als., for a public road through Wallop's Neck to a public wharf on the marsh; order appointed viewers.

Oliver S. Merrill et al. vs. John Brittingham -- on motion of plaintiffs; rule against defendant for not attending as witness, was discharged.

Commonwealth vs. Robert Marshall -- on indictment for selling liquor unlawfully; defendant plead guilty and was fined $100 and costs of prosecution.

Rules were awarded against E. C. Bayly, Edward T. Bayly and Thomas Bayly, witnesses for defendant in Commonwealth vs. Wm. W. Smith -- wilful trespass.

Commonwealth vs. Moses Finney; scire facias awarded against defendant and his sureties in his recognizance.

Upon petition of Levin W. Nock to change public road; order appointing viewers.

Upon petition of Wm. P. Birch to alter public road; order removing cause from docket.

Upon petition of John T. Fletcher and others for a public road and landing; order establishing road and landing.

Geo. W. Hinman was appointed and qualified as inspector of oysters for the district embracing territory from line of Maryland to a line drawn from southern extremity of Watt's Island to the mouth of Pungoteague Creek, not including Tangier Sound.

Alfred Taylor, surveyor, made report of repairs on Shad Landing road, which was filed, ratified and confirmed.

Upon petition of Wm. Tatham and wife to discontinue public road; order appointing viewers to assess damages.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
December 13, 1883