Peninsula Enterprise, January 9, 1892


Proceedings, December Term, 1891.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Wm. T. Bundick's trust account; orphan accounts of Robert J., Orin F. and Catharine C. Taylor, Ida E., Alberta and Isaac Hudson, Emerson, Georgia and Essie Wescott; Robert Watson, lunatic, account with Wm. L. Watson, committee.

Last will of Wm. Warren Pool was fully proved and ordered to be recorded.

Last will of John F. Coleburn was proved, ordered to be recorded and Robert B. C. Ashby qualified as executor.

Following fines were paid into court: By R. P. Reynolds, J.P., $1 fine and $1 clerk's fee, received of Edward Brinney, convicted before him profanity in public, $2 fine and $1 clerk's fee, received of Joshua Read, convicted of shooting wild fowl in the night time by means of a light box; by Wm. M. Taylor, J.P., $5 fine and $1 clerk's fee received of Southey Bird, convicted of petit larceny.

Following inspectors of oysters made report for quarter ending November 30th, 1891: John C. Justice, inspector of 7th district, collected $967.23, due State $870.52; Wm. J. Barnes, 5th district, $1,009.48, due State $908.53; James E. Anderton, 6th district, $753.26, due State $677.94; Charles P. Finney, 8th and 9th districts, $232.60, and $555.50, due State $209.34 and $500, respectively; Solomon Warner, 2nd district, $19.83, due State $17.85.

James P. Dougherty qualified as administrator of Wm. M. Riley, deceased; L. Floyd Nock as administrator of Emma L. Kennard, deceased and Margaret S. Mears, deceased; Wesley S. Phillips, as administrator of Catharine Harmon, deceased; Geo. W. LeCato, as administrator of Edwin F. LeCato, deceased; Jos. R. Riggs, as administrator of Wm. Kilmon of John, deceased; Leonard C. Mears, as administrator of Mary J. Sturgis, deceased; James T. West, as administrator of Henry Rogers, deceased; Alfred J. Lilliston, as administrator of Harriet Poolman, deceased; and James R. Hickman, as administrator of Thos. Bagwell, colored, deceased.

Geo. W. LeCato qualified as guardian of Emma W. LeCato, infant child of Littleton T. LeCato, and James L. Smith as guardian of John T. Smith, orphan of Wm. Smith, deceased.

On application of John Gardner, his liquor license was transferred to East Point, near Savageville.

Accounts against Commonwealth in criminal and lunacy matters were allowed as follows: Levi R. Boggs, J.P., $2; Asa J. Crockett, $5; Wm. M. Taylor, J.P., $1.50; O. D. Doughty, constable, $20.01; A. S. Taylor, J.P., $3.

Authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony was granted to John A. Boone, of M.E. Church.

Wm. B. Pitts was appointed surveyor of road in place of John W. Mears, Thos. Edward Somers in place of Marcellus Small, James G. Fox in place of Wm. S. Nelson, Albert J. Rew in place of Wm. Rew of J., and Benjamin F. Parks in place of Wm. T. Parks, Jr.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: For F. T. Stockley, $5.61 and $8.01; Wm. F. Flemming, $12.30; John W. Belote, 42 cents; D. Frank White & Bros., $6.40 and $3.20; C. C. H. Taylor, 40 cents; G. B. Jones & Bros., $8.70; T. L. Byrd, 30 cents; Floyd W. Topping, $2; McComas Justice, 12 cents; A. J. Lilliston, $34.12 and $44.88; Wm. C. Hall, $1.20; and S. J. Stevenson, $3.75.

Petition of L. W. Mears and others, for bridge over Rogers branch. Petition filed and commissioner appointed to view and report necessity, if any.

Rules against Wm. Kilmon, Jeremiah Ames and George Ames, witnesses, were discharged for cause shown.

Commonwealth vs. James Harmon, (on indictment for selling liquor to a minor). Defendant tried, found not guilty by the jury and discharged.

Commonwealth vs. Wm. Marsh, (on indictment for felony). Defendant appeared and because of absent witnesses, cause had to be continued and defendant gave bond to appear and answer on 2nd day of April term next.

Commonwealth vs. Kosciusko Dunton, (on indictment). Nolle prosequi entered.

Commonwealth vs. Duffield Savage (on indictment for shooting in public street at Drummondtown). Defendant appeared into court, plead guilty and was fined $5 and costs of prosecution.

Commonwealth vs. Cyrus Marshall (on indictment for selling liquor unlawfully in local option district of Atlantic). Defendant plead not guilty, evidence heard, jury failed to agree and nolle prosequi entered.

Wm. Young vs. Geo. W. Perkins (on attachment for rent). Judgment for plaintiff and order for sale of attached effects.

Jas. A. Hall vs. David T. Topping, &c., (on attachment for rent). Judgment for plaintiff and order for sale of attached effects.

Rules to show cause, why they should not be fined, were awarded against E. J. Corbin, W. B. Shield and J. T. Shield, witnesses for the Commonwealth.

On application of John R. Guy, he was authorized to assign his bar room license at Point of Forks, near Onancock, to Wm. Wharton, colored.

The qualification of John W. Gillet, as Judge of county court of Accomac, was received and recorded.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
January 9, 1892