July Term, 1898


Proceedings, July Term, 1898.

Qualification of William R. Covington, of a district school trustee for Atlantic district received and recorded.

Accounts against Commonwealth in lunacy and criminal cases allowed as follows: Geo. E. Winder, J.P., $1 and $1.50; James A. Mears, J.P., $2.50; Luther N. Boggs, J.P., 50 cents; Levi B. Boggs, J.P., $1; Joseph C. Wescott, constable, $9.78, and jailer, $41.85.

Certificate of M. Oldham Jr., clerk, of his examination of books of commissioners of revenue for 1898, received and recorded.

Henry L. Crockett qualified as administrator of Clara B. Crockett, deceased; Edward H. Conquest as guardian of William R. and Lydia M. Miles; Jas. H. Fletcher Jr. as guardian of Henry Olive Rue and Henry L. Crockett as guardian of Mathella Crockett.

The clerk made report of list of fines received from Justices of the Peace for month of June, 1898.

The sheriff made report of number of persons in jail.

Wm. E. Brickhouse, contestant vs. Geo. H. Adair, contestee, (complaint of undue election as Mayor of Belle Haven). The complaint was tried and the court decided that contestant and contestee received an equal number of votes and that neither was elected Mayor.

David Chambers et als., contestants vs. Sargent P. Ward et als, contestee (complaint of undue election as councilmen of Belle Haven). The complaint was tried and the court decided that the following persons were elected councilmen for said town to wit; John H. Ashby, David R. Mister, Dr. J. T. B. Hyslop, Sargent P. Ward, N. A. Smith, Benjamin T. Stringer and L. J. Floyd; and declared that the certificate of election received by A. D. Doremus as a councilman is null and void; and ordered the clerk of court to issue a certificate of election to Benjamin T. Stringer as councilman for said town.

Order substituting L. Floyd Nock in place of John Brittingham (declined) as trustee in deed from William T. Marshall.

Order for creditors to show cause against payment of estate of Peter T. East, deceased, to his legatees without a refunding bond being given.

Petition of J. O. Mears & others for a public road from Keller to Pungoteague. Order for additional allowance of $50 to complete the road.

James E. Tarr qualified as road surveyor for election district of Chincoteague, and John H. McCready for election district of Tangier.

Petition of Alex W. Lilliston and others for a public road from Daugherty to Tasley. Cause continued to 2nd day of the next term.

Ex parte. Petition of Sarah A. Milliner's admr. (Alfred J. Lilliston). Order for payment of costs and balance of share of Frank Fitzgerald to his father, Thos. H. Fitzgerald.

Order appointing policemen for Peninsula Fair Association.

Petition of Wm. M. Needles & others for a public road at Franklin City. Order appointing John S. Parsons, commissioner, to receive bids for building the road as per 2nd report of viewers.

Petitions of Jno. T. Nock and others and Joshua H. Turner & others for public roads -- from Bradford's Neck road to Machipungo bridge (new bridge) on the east and from bridge to Hawks Nest on the west. Order for payment of landowners and appointing Frank S. Smith, a commissioner to have roads opened and built.

Petition of Jos. L. Cooper & others for a public road on Tangier Island. Report of John H. McCready filed and confirmed and for payment of expenses of work in opening the road, costs incurred by the petitioners and land damages to Elisha Crockett for his land taken.

Petition of Frank Fletcher & others for public road. Order dismissing petition and for payment of costs.

Ex parte: Petitions of Eliza Marshall &c's late guardian and of Eucinda Marshall's guardian. Reports of L. Floyd Nock, late guardian, filed and confirmed.

Petition for public road by "The Onawa Social Union" (near Mappsburg). Order to open road at cost and expenses of the petitioner.

Estate of Wm. H. Crockett committed to Jno. W. Wise, sheriff.

Petition of W. F. Mears & others for public road from Nock's Branch to Melfa. Order for viewers, Robert W. T. Kellam, A. J. Kellam and Zoro C. Mason, to file an additional report, showing which of the two routes mentioned in their report they prefer for the road with their reasons for the preference.

Petition of E. T. Somers & others for public road from Bloxom to Sirocco. Report of Jno. Somers, commissioner, filed; and order for payment of balance of expenses in the work, costs incurred by petitioners, and damages for land taken for the road.

Retail liquor licenses were granted to Burley W. James at Tasley Station; Peter T. H. Ayres at Pungoteague; Perley E. Bloxom at Mill Bridge; and Wilmer F. Bell at Wachapreague.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
August 6, 1898