Peninsula Enterprise, December 8, 1888


Proceedings, November Term, 1888.

Commissioner of accounts filed his semi-annual report of the sufficiency of the bond of the county treasurer and reported that the same is sufficient in all respects.

A rule was awarded against John W. M. Hopkins to show cause why he should not be fined for failing to return as administrator an inventory of estate of Ellison A. Hopkins, deceased, to the commissioner of accounts in the time prescribed by the statute.

L. Floyd Nock, Louis F. Hinman and Benjamin G. Johnson qualified as notaries public for the county of Accomac.

Order entered transferring the bar room and retail liquor license, granted to Eugene W. Barnes, Gargatha to R. J. Mason.

Accounts against the Commonwealth were examined and certified in favor of E. W. Hutchinson, J.P., Drs. Frank Fletcher and G. T. Scarburgh, Geo. W. Cluff, special constable and Z.B. Munford, J.P.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows; Alfred J. Wessels $2, A. W. Johnson $12, Joseph J. Hopkins $9, Wm. H. Justice $5, McComas Justice $13.80, W. W. Margerum $16.20, Geo. W. Evans $12, J. W. Belote $8, Wm. T. Lewis $4, Louis F. Hinman $3, Wesley W. Bull $14, John J. Gunter $1, T. H. B. Corbin (2 accts.) $20 and $17, Geo A. Taylor $16, John H. Wessels $10.47, George W. Taylor $2, John H. Wessells $10.47, George Kelly $1, Thomas Trader $3, Frank Marshall $2, Mollie Wessels $4.50, Thomas Northam $2.25, Spencer D. Fletcher $4, L. T. Marshall $3, E. J. Hinman $7.43, Albert Nock $2, Jas. H. Fletcher $3.24, George P. Parks $4, D. Frank White & Bro., (3 accts) $2.24, $12.16, $16.86, John H. Hopkins 40 cts, H. P. Mason & Co. $2.40, McComas Justice 32 cts, Joseph S. Bull, L. H. Ames, Harry Battaile and Geo. W. Walker each $1, Berry F. Garrison $9, Geo W. Phillips $12.87, A. J. Lilliston $9.24, John E. Phillips, Edward T. Milliner and Leroy Bull each $1, Wm. T. Watson $3.15, Asa T. Prescott $4, M. M. Ling $4.50, Wm. H. Pruitt $10, Edward T. Lang $14.80, W. T. Mason (2 accts) $7.75 and $30, Wm J. Eichelberger, Hezekiah Fox $1 each, T. Berkley Smith $2, Henry O. Finney $49.60, Thomas W. Taylor's assignee (John J. Blackstone) $14.78, and E. B. Waples $3.20.

Elijah Russell was appointed surveyor of public road of the district of the Islands to fill the vacancy caused by the death of John H. Loffland, and W. J. Joynes, was appointed for precinct No. 16 of Pungoteague district in place of B. Fentress, removed from the district.

Petition was filed by S. W. Parks and others for a public road to run from the Blackstone road to Wattsville, to connect with the public road, leading from Leemont to Parksley.

Order entered appointing Sam'l J.Stevenson a commissioner to have repaired the public road opposite the public school house in the village of Drummondtown.

Judgments and orders of sale were entered, in the following attachments; Geo. C. Phillips vs. Charles Ashly; John W. H. Parker vs. Sarah Conner; Carlton V. Willis vs. Alfred J. Mears of A. and Gibb & Henderson vs. Robert M. and Minerva Powell.

The report of the commissioners ascertaining the compensation allowed E. F. C. Garrett, for certain of her lands proposed to be taken by the Railroad Co. for its purposes was confirmed and the said R. R. Co. was directed to pay the compensation ascertained and the costs of the proceedings.

Petition filed by Frederic L. Reynolds, guardian, and referred to Master to ascertain what sum should be expended annually out of the ward's principal for his clothing, maintenance and support.

Petition filed by the guardian of Alonzo W. and Louis D. Heath, and referred to Master to make similar inquiries.

Charles P. Finney, inspector of oysters for 8th district, made report for quarter ending November 30th, 1888 -- amount collected $254.75, amount due State $229.28.

The delinquent and insolvent lists for year 1887 were returned by the treasurer and deputy and duly examined and certified.

Richard Johnson was re-recognized to appear at next term to answer indictment for grand larceny.

The report of the viewers upon the petition of C. M. Dunton and others recommending an appropriation of $350, for shells to repair the public road leading to Boggsville, was approved by court and certified to Board of Supervisors.

Petition filed by Richard T. Ames, trustee for John H. Ames and wife and referred to Master Commissioner to make certain inquiries and report.

Rules awarded against Edward P. Timmons to show cause why he should not be fined for failing to attend as a grand juror on the 30th day of November, 1888.

Rule awarded against Robert P. Custis, Dr. James Poulson, John W. Guthrie, F. P. Brent, Lieut. Wild, John W. H. Parker and Jim Warren, colored, to show cause why they should not be fined for failing to attend on the 30th day of November, 1888, as witnesses to testify before the grand jury.

The last wills of Lecruca S. Taylor and Matilda Baker were proved and ordered to be recorded.

M. H. Higgins, J.P., paid into court $2 fine and costs received of George Sample and $3 fine received of James Hatton.

John J. Blackstone, county treasurer, delivered to the court sealed up, papers or instruments purporting to be coupons of Va., tendered by Wm. R. Lewis in payment of his State taxes for the year 1888 and received by said treasurer for identification and verification.

A venire facias for the trial of E. William Barnes was ordered, returnable on the 1st day next term and a venire facias for the trial of John W. Taylor and Geo. B. Barnes was ordered returnable on 2nd day of next term.

Special grand jury was empannelled and returned true bills -- indictments against E. William Barnes for embezzlement and obtaining goods under false pretenses; the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company for obstructing a public road; Levi Lewis for selling articles of traffic near a place of religious worship; Hugh Gordon Seymour, Wm. Savage and James Hatton for disturbing religious worship; Margaret Scott for assault and battery; John W. Taylor and George B. Barnes for taking oysters in prohibited waters with instruments other than ordinary oyster tongs; George Phillips, colored, for assault and battery; Robert Cutler, colored, for carrying concealed weapons; Jeff Adair, John H. Ross and Thomas H. G. Poulson for unlawfully selling wine, spiritous and malt liquors and a mixture thereof in the magisterial district of Lee. And not true bills -- indictments against Rufus Payne for breaking and entering storehouse with intent to commit larceny; Elijah Beasley and Alonzo Kilmon for assault and battery.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of Edward Fisher, John M. Fosque, Thomas P. Copes, William H. Parker, Bettie Hopkins, George W. T. Hinman, Thomas Hall, Littleton W. Dunton and John W. Kellam; orphan accounts of Williana Wright, Emerson T., Georgie and Essie Wescott, William, George and Elizabeth Whealton and May and Willie Pettit.

The estate of Isaac Taylor, colored, deceased, was committed to hands of sheriff for administration.

Walter D. Lewis qualified as guardian of William J. and Sarah M. Mapp, infant children of Jas. B. Mapp.

Edward B. Waples qualified as administrator of John B. Campbell, deceased; James R. Hickman of George Duffy, deceased; Isaiah W. Justice of William Justice of B., deceased; George W. Glenn of Decatur Linton, deceased; George W. Jacob of W. T. Mears, deceased; Daniel J. Whealton as executor of Eba Lewis, deceased; and Orris A. Browne as administrator with will annexed of Ira B. Allen, deceased.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
December 8, 1888