Peninsula Enterprise, February 12, 1887


January Term, 1887.

Requisition made by the court on the secretary of the Commonwealth for codes for clerks' offices, &c.

Jas. G. Fox qualified as notary public.

The qualification in vacation of Jas. C. Weaver as J. P., was returned and recorded.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered recorded, to wit; Sally T. Lilliston's trust account -- audits of the estates of Gilbert Stant, Jno. M. Fosque, Susan R. Clayton and Betsy Northam, and orphan account of Jackson L. Walker.

Richard T. Johnson, a native of Norway, declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States.

Special grand jury was empannelled, but did not act in matter of oystermen, because of absent witnesses.

Estates of Revel Parker and Columbus J. Caulk, were committed to the sheriff for administration.

Henry F. Powell was appointed and qualified as guardian of Frederick A., Lelia N., and Oscar L. Powell, orphans of Geo. W. Powell, deceased.

Bar-room license of Doughty & Ward at Dunkirk was transferred to Geo. N. Trower, assignee; and that of Flavius J. Bulman at Powelton to Benj. F. Hargis, assignee.

Accounts of G. T. Scarburgh, physician to jail, A. S. Taylor, J.P., and Duffield Savage vs. Commonwealth were allowed and certified.

Orders on the county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: Geo. W. James, $4; Robert J. Cropper and J. W. Kellam $7 each; Louis F. Hinmon, $1.75; Oliver Lewis, 50 cents; George Justice, $1; Levin T. Crowson, $7.50; James F. Hargis, $6; N. W. Nock, J. L. Gillespie and Geo. T. Moore, $2 each.

Raymond R. Stant qualified as ballast master for Swansea Gut creek.

On petition of Jas. K. Harmon, surveyor of road, commissioners were appointed to view his precinct and report how same should be widened at certain points

Order entered for L. T. Crowson, surveyor, to purchase material and build footway over Bagwell's mill stream, where the road crosses.

Richard Corbett appeared into court and gave new recognizance to appear at 1st day of next term, to answer indictment for taking oysters with dredges on Parker's Rock.

Commonwealth vs. Jas. E. Ayres, Wm. D. Gladding and Walter Byrd, (on a writ of Scire Facias). Judgment for Commonwealth by default.

Commonwealth vs. Cephas Hall, (on an indictment for maliciously cutting, stabbing and wounding a certain James W. Marshall). Verdict of guilty only of committing the offense unlawfull, and defendant punished by one month in county jail and to pay $25 fine and costs of prosecution.

Rules awarded against John F. Gillespie to show cause, why he should not be fined for failing to appear at last term as a venireman for trial of Cephas Hall.

Motion entered by distributees of George J. Dix, dec'd, for the payment and delivery of his estate without refunding bond being required.

Order directing Frank M. Boggs, administrator d. b. n. of E. P. East, dec'd, to pay costs of motion, retain $2,000. of intestates estate in hand and the balance then on hand to Benjamin H. East, sole distributee without refunding bond.

The Commonwealth vs. Wm. Phillips (on indictment for selling intoxicating liquors unlawfully). Continued until the next term.

Same vs. Edward Justice, William T. Winder and Duffield Savage (on indictments for same). Defendants tried and the juries failing to agree, were discharged and nolle prosequi entered in each case.

Order entered appointing Solomon T. Johnson, commissioner to receive proposals for rebuilding Swansea Gut bridge.

Zorobabel C. Mason, qualified as administrator of Joseph T. Bull, deceased.

Viewers in matter of the petition of John D. Parsons and others for a public road made their report and summons were awarded against proprietors and tenants.

Petition was filed by Jas. H. Bayly, Sr., and others to make the road public from Sluthkill Neck road down through Bayley's Neck, and order was entered appointing James H. Belote, Joseph J. Wescott and Thos. W. Blackstone, viewers.

Petition filed for bridge over Leatherbury's branch at the entrance to Sluthkill Neck, and Joseph J. Wescott was appointed commissioner.

The New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad Company vs. Geo. C. Phillips on Appeal from judgment of J. P. on warrant brought by defendant for his cow killed by Railroad Company. Judgment to be entered at next term.

Petition filed by James T. Hurst and others for public bridge over Coard's branch on road from Court House to Leemont and order entered appointing John W. Gillet Commissioner to report as to expediency &c.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
February 12, 1887