Peninsula Enterprise, April 10, 1886


March Term.

Commonwealth vs John H. Fisher, felony; verdict, malicious cutting. Motion for new trial overruled, sentenced 2 years in penitentiary.

Com. vs. Judson C. Hickman, murder; verdict, involuntary manslaughter, sentenced one year in jail and fine of $75.

Com. vs Caleb Broughton, burglary; verdict, guilty, sentenced 5 years in penitentiary.

Com. vs. David Jones and Luke Downing, burglary; guilty, sentenced, each 2 years in penitentiary.

In case of Martha Custis indicted with above for same crime, a nol pros. was entered and she became State's evidence.

Com. vs. Calvin Evans, arson; verdict, guilty, sentence 2 1/2 years in penitentiary

Gilbert Cottman, captain of schooner Martha Freeman of Crisfield, Md., with Henry Smith, Robert Thomas, William Parker, Henry Britman, Frank Brown, Martin Miller, Wm. Smith and John Druert, crew, indicted for felony, were put on trial for unlawful dredging. Cottman elected to be tried alone. Upon issue being joined, his Honor instructed the jury that whatever might have been the intention of the Legislature the Act did not prohibit dredging in Tangier sound, except, probably, on Johnson's, California, Thoroughfare and Fox's Island rocks. The court so instructing the jury as to the law, the Commonwealth's attorney asked leave of enter a nol. pros. as to all, which was granted. Immediately an information was laid against them as non-residents taking oysters in Virginia waters, when all were tried together. Cottman was found guilty, and a fine of $500, the specific punishment in such a case adjudged. The others were found not guilty.

A petition was filed on Thursday by the Commonwealth's attorney praying an order to forfeit the schooner, cargo and appurtenances. Counsel for defence waived notice, and the matter will be heard to-day.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
April 10, 1886