Peninsula Enterprise, July 28, 1881


Proceedings, July Term, 1881.

A deed from John H. Wise, sheriff, and James L. Savage, to Joseph H. Savage, was acknowledged by the grantors and ordered to be recorded.

John W. G. Blackstone and Alfred B. Gunter qualified to practice as attorneys in this Court.

Orders entered on County Treasurer, for services rendered the County as Surveyors of the Public Roads, &c, as follows: Wm. E. Mapp for $7.10; Thos. G. Elliott, James H. Beloate and Thomas L. Trower, each $2.00; Edward M. Willis, $1.00; Jno. E. Wescott, $3.50; Wm. H. Marshall of J., $14.00; Geo. D. H. Colonna, $10.50; Jas. E. F. Ayres, $46.85; Geo. W. Jacob, $6.60; Wm. T. Broughton, $23.02; and A. D. Doremus, $5.00.

Chas. W. Fedderman's orphan account, confirmed.

Florence V. Fedderman's orphan account, confirmed.

Wm. Wigton's orphan account, confirmed.

Mary C. Wigton's orphan account, confirmed.

Thomas, Martha V. and Edward W. Bunting's orphan account confirmed.

Wm. B. Wessell's audit, confirmed.

Selby Byrd's audit, confirmed.

Dennis Clayton's, Sr., audit confirmed.

Gilbert Marshall's audit, confirmed.

Benj. Davis's audit, confirmed.

Geo. B. Harris' audit, confirmed.

Letters of administration were granted to Nancy J. Byrd, widow, on estate of Richard P. Byrd, dec'd.

Wm. D. Bowden's estate was committed to Sheriff for administration. Special Grand Jury of eight empaneled; they returned seven bills of indictment for misdemeanors, and ignored one bill.

Samuel Lucas' late guardian (Jas. A. Hall) directed to pay Dr. J. R. Bowden a medical account for said Samuel; also for his late ward Clara Lucas.

Rev. O. S. Walton, of M. E. church, (Chincoteague Island) authorized to celebrate the rites of matrimony.

A. S. Taylor, J. P., of Atlantic district, paid into court a fee of $2.50 recovered of Elizabeth Conquest for assault and battery upon Harriet Conquest.

Joseph E. Broadwater was appointed and qualified as supervisor for Atlantic District.

Upon petition of Edward S. Wise and others to open a public road. Opinion of the Court entered against opening and establishing the road prayed for. Petition dismissed, and judgment against petitioners for cost incurred by the county about its defense of the petition.

Bar room license granted to John E. Wescott & Co., at Hawk's Nest; Thomas G. Elliot, at Sturgis; Wm. S. Waterman, at Guilford; and John M. Floyd, at Mappsville.

Fred. Waddy vs. Jno. R. Sturgis, warrant for debt recovered to court before trial by J. P. Entered agreed dismissed, having been settled.

Thos. W. Twiford gave a new bond as Superintendent of the Poor of the county of Accomac.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
July 28, 1881