Peninsula Enterprise, November 7, 1891


Proceedings, October Term, 1891.

The following fines were paid into court: By S. R. Nelson, J.P., $5 received of Moses Sample, and $5 received of Wm. Davis; by L. T. Phillips, J.P., $5 received of Peter White.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed: Audits of estates of Eba Lewis, Catharine F. Gibb and Margaret A. Parks; trust accounts of Wm. K. Parker and wife and Elijah J. Hinman; orphan accounts of Susan and Marion Hall, Paul Pitts and Lloyd W. Mason.

The last will of Geo. B. Mapp was proved and Wm. E. and John E. Mapp qualified as executors.

Thos. J. Custis qualified as administrator of Edward R. Custis, deceased; John A. Bundick as administrator of Sam'l J. Lewis, deceased, and of Edward Bevans, colored, deceased; and U. B. Quinby as administrator, d.b.n.c.t.a. of Polly Ayres, deceased.

Estate of John A. Ashby, colored, was committed to John H. Wise, sheriff, for administration.

The commissioner of accounts made report as to the sufficiency, etc., of the official bond of the county treasurer which was approved and the clerk directed to certify copy thereof to the Auditor of Public Accounts.

Augustus S. West, executor of Henry Rogers, deceased, declining to give a new bond as such executor, was on motion of Levi Duncan, one of his securities, removed from such office of trust.

All accounts presented to the court at the last term by the surveyors of roads, or that had been left with the clerk, were passed by the court and ordered entered in their favor on county treasurer.

John S. Ames, acting guardian vs. Louis Boggs, and Belle S. Mears vs. Wm. L. Hutchinson (on attachments for rent). Attachments returned and placed on docket.

Walter D. Lewis vs. Abel H. Wise, Geo. W. Kilmon vs. Clyde W. Kelly (2), John T. Shields, &c., agents vs. Wm. Beasley (on attachments for rent). Judgments for the plaintiffs were entered and orders for sale of attached effects.

Orders for repairs of public roads and bridges were entered in favor of the following surveyors: McComas Justice, A. J. Matthews, C. C. H. Taylor, E. N. West, John R. Duncan, Wm. J. Joynes, Jas. A. Winder and J. W. Belote.

Commonwealth vs. Wm. Marsh (on indictment for feloniously dredging in Tangier Sound). Defendant appeared and on his motion, case was continued until 2nd day of December term next, and he was recognized to appear on that day and answer indictment.

Thos. B. James was appointed surveyor of road in place of Isaac T. Wright, resigned.

James W. Broughton, Commissioner of Revenue for district No. 1, and Wm. D. Tunnell, Commissioner of Revenue for district No. 2, filed their reports as required by law, and that they had discovered no violations of the revenue laws of the State.

A regular grand jury was empannelled and found (true bills): one for failing to keep in repair public roads, one for lewd and lascivious cohabitation, one for selling liquor to a minor, one for selling liquor unlawfully, one for grand larceny, two for assault and battery, one for shooting in and along public road, and one for unlawful and felonious shooting with intent to maim, disfigure, disable and kill and (not true bills); one for forgery and one for adultery.

The Commonwealth vs. James Parks, William Allen and Barney McCready (on indictment for assault and battery). Satisfaction in writing by the injured party, George Phillips, was received and filed, case dismissed and judgment entered for the Commonwealth for her costs.

James Parks of B. vs. Mary Brown (on attachment for rent). Case dismissed, on motion of plaintiff by his attorney.

Rules were awarded against Lloyd K. Mears, L. H. Tull and Capt. Wm. Kilmon, to show cause why they should not be fined for failing to appear as witnesses before the grand jury.

Order entered appointing Henry E. Byrd a commissioner, to reapportion the hands in precincts of Jas. H. Tindle and K. C. Horsey.

Henry C. Lewis vs. S. A. Taylor (on a warrant for debt). Judgment for plaintiff for $12.50, a part of his claim and costs.

John L. Winder, appellant vs. Kosciusko Dunton, appellee, (on appeal from judgment of justice). Continued on motion of appellant and at his cost until 6th day of next term.

Robert Bundick, in jail for disturbing religious worship, and Gilbert Northam for petit larceny, were discharged by order of court.

Jas. H. Fletcher, Jr., was substituted as trustee, in place of John D. White, in deed from Richard Bayly for benefit of Jas. A. Hall.

Commonwealth vs. Robert P. Custis, (on a rule). Defendant appeared and was discharged from his recognizance and also from rule.

Ex parte: Petition of John K. Rodgers, administrator. Petition filed by Susan E. Taylor and ordered entered directing clerk and receiver to check out of Marine bank the fund therein on deposit to the credit of the cause, to pay costs, 1891 taxes, attorney fees to Harmanson and Heath, and the balance to the said Susan E. Taylor.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 7, 1891