April Term, 1900


Proceedings, April Term, 1900.

The clerk made report of the fines reported to him in month of March, 1900, by Justice of the Peace.

The sheriff made report of the number of prisoners in jail, their sentences &c.

James G. Nock was appointed and qualified as assistant assessor of land for St. George's Parish, district No. 2.

Gilbert G. Guillette was appointed and qualified as Overseer of Poor for magisterial district of Atlantic, in place of Samuel J. Davis, deceased.

Mary M. Kellam qualified as administratrix of Shepperd S. Kellam, deceased, and Carrie F. Humphreys, as administratrix of Fountaine B. Humphreys, deceased.

James H. Fletcher Jr. qualified as guardian of Joseph R. Broadwater, orphan of Joseph E. Broadwater, deceased, and William B. Stakes as guardian of William T. Ward, orphan of William T. Ward, deceased.

Oyster inspectors qualified as follows: Solomon Warner, 1st district; Lee B. Kellam 2d and 3d: Wm. D. Dise, 4th; James E. Anderton, 5th; Alfred J. Lewis 6th; and John H. Walker, 7th.

The following liquor licenses were granted: Oswald D. Doughty, Wachapreague; Lucius J. Kellam, Geo. William Drummond, James Harmon, Belle Haven; John L. Gardner, Bull Branch; Berkley L. West, Geo. W. Hack, Craddockville; Alfred S. Bull, Fair Oaks; George T. Mapp, Harvey Marston, Keller; George E. Winder, Wm. Henry Gaskins, Pungoteague; John T. Bonniwell, Mappsburg; Fred R. Martin, Shilo Valley; Wm. B. Daugherty, Daugherty; George N. Trower, Locustville; James T. Harrison, Point of Forks; G. L. Doughty, George G. Ailworth, Chas. C. H. Wharton, Jas. F. Wharton, Drummondtown; Wm. C. West, Robert P. Custis, Henry A. Wise, Onancock; Joseph J. Wescott, E. G. Fox, Onley; Burley W. James, Tasley; E. A. Bloxom, Bloxom; William Walsh, Mappsville; John D. Johnson, Parksley; Robert L. Parks, Centerville; Wm. T. Gibbons, Parksville; Henry D. Adams, Gargatha; Millard F. Poulson, Messongo Bridge.

Polly H. Sommers vs. M. F. Godwin (upon a warrant for a breach of contract) removed before trial by a Justice of the Peace. Damages laid at $100 -- verdict for one cent and costs.

The oaths of office of Oswald M. Jones, mayor, James E. Tarr, town sergeant, Isaac J. Hudson, recorder and treasurer, W. J. Matthews, James B. Richardson, Robert L. Marshall, Thomas H. Pruitt, Joseph T. Rowley, Joshua W. Williams and Peter D. Corbin, councilmen, of the town of Chincoteague, returned to the court and ordered to be recorded.

Dr. Geo. W. LeCato, Dr. Frank Fletcher and Dr. John H. Ayres were appointed members of the Board of Health who together with the clerk of the County Court and chairman of the Board of Supervisors constitute the County Board.

Upon petition of Wm. H. Bloxom and others for a drain; Elijah A. Figgs, Wm. Wessels of E and Geo. W. Hope appointed commissioners to examine and report as to drain asked for.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed: Audits of estates of Geo. W. Mason, John Hurst, Jane C. LeCato, Chas P. Finney, Geo. C. Phillips and Annie M. Smith; Mary A. Park's trust account; William L. Watson's account with committee; orphan accounts of Maggie K. and Annie W. Turner, Wm. Bagwell Mears, Winnie Lee, Mitchell W. and Mabel W. West, Annie B., Evelyn M. and Harry Lee Crockett, Martha W. Lilliston (nee West) James Fox, Maggie E. and John T. Wright, Evelyn W., Alice L. and Alma D. Mister; account of Ann Belle Scarburgh, infant.

Ex parte: Petition of Jos. E. Brodwater, late gnd. of Wm. Pettit. Order for withdrawal of money from bank, payment of costs, taxes and balance to William Pettit.

Ex parte: Petition of Samuel T. Ross, ex'or of George Hargis, decd. Order directing ex'or to withdraw $20 from bank, pay costs &c.

Ex parte: Petition of Isaac G. Coffin, late ex'or. Order for withdrawing share of Washington Purnell from bank, payment of costs, taxes &c.

Ex parte: Petition of Walter D. Lewis, late gdn. of Wm. Jas. Mapp. Order authorizing county treasurer to check upon fund in Marine Bank for payment of taxes.

Upon petition of Joshua H. Turner and others for a public road. Order appointing Jas. A. Winder a commissioner to open road, for him to draw $100 and for payment of land damages.

The last wills of John W. H. Parker and Charles H. Silverthorn were proved and ordered to be recorded.

The last will of Mary C. Hall, deceased, was proved, ordered recorded and Charles W. Feddeman qualified as executor.

Authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony was granted to Rev. Charles K. McCaslin , of the M. P. Church, and to Rev. Spencer Drummond, of A. M. E. Church.

Elva A. Jeffreys was appointed and qualified as game warden for the county of Accomac.

John S. Parsons was appointed and qualified as a committee of the personal estate of James T. Hurst.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 12, 1900