Peninsula Enterprise, October 6, 1888


Proceedings, September Term, 1888.

The certified results of the late local option election held in Metompkin district was laid before the clerk of the court and ordered to be recorded.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed, to wit: Audits of estates of Emma Prettyman, Edward F. Smith, Mary Preston, Solomon Copes, Hannibal Fletcher, Louis Crockett, John T. Johnson and Robert Hurley; orphan accounts of Manly T., Thomas H., John W. and Clara F. Winder; Paul and John W. Pitts; Birdie Amanda Milliner; Alonzo W. and Louis D. Heath.

Order directing commissioner of accounts to examine the bond of the County Treasurer and report if the same is sufficient in all respects.

Edward S. Wise and John Brittingham respectively, qualified as notaries public of the county of Accomac.

Thomas G. Clayton was appointed and qualified as justice of peace for Metompkin District in place of Burwell B. Ewell, deceased.

Wm. T. Gardner qualified as administrator of Annie Gardner, deceased, and Geo. C. Watson qualified as administrator with will annexed of John H. Chandler, deceased.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were rendered as follows: James H. Grinnalds, $6; Geo. W. Turlington, 48; Geo. W. Glenn, $7; John A. Ellis, $11; Jesse T. Miles, $5; Noah E. Miles, $3; John W. Drewer, $7; Wm. C. Lewis, $5; Revel J. Lewis, $6; Wm. L. Evans, $3; John Crockett, $1; Stephen Corbin, $1; Severn J. Miles, $2; D. F. White & Bro. (2 accounts), $10 and $10.60; H. P. Mason & Co., (2 accounts), $8.16 and $3.26; Louis F. Hinman, 40 cents and Wm. J. Coleman, $10.

Orders to buy material and repair public bridges were entered in favor of the following surveyors; John H. Hopkins, Wm. Russell of Wm., Levin R. Lewis, Henry O. Finney, T. H. B. Corbin, McComas Justice, W. H. Justice and Emory D. Hinman.

Viewers appointed upon petitions for repairs to public roads of E. M. Ames and others, Lizy Evans and others, Custis M. Dunton and others, and N. B. Conquest and others.

Bar room and retail liquor license were granted to Samuel C. Mason, Masonville, Wm. S. Waterman, Bloxom Station, Otho E. Mason, Bloxom station, Wm. Walsh, Seaside, James R. Hickman, Metompkin, E. W. Barnes, Gargatha, and Perry Lewis, Woodberry.

Bar room license granted Charles J. Justice, Nelsonia, J. Lee Justice, Parksley, Douglas A. Martin, Head of Bradford's Neck and Shield & Parker, Pungoteague.

Indictments against James S. Nock were nolle prosequied.

Motion to revoke bar room and retail license granted Wm. Walsh was overruled.

Petition of Levin W. Nock and others for public road. Agreement filed by landowners to take a less amount than heretofore ascertained, approved by the court and certified to Board of Supervisors for approval or rejection.

Last will of Eba Lewis proved and ordered to be recorded.

L. Floyd Nock qualified as guardian of Demetrius, Charles H. and Minnesota Lewis, orphans of Eba Lewis, deceased.

Ex parte petition of B. B. Ewell's widow and acting administratrix. Petition filed, order for payment of attorney's fee and cost, directing deposit in Marine Bank and referring cause to commissioner for inquiry and report.

Petition filed by L. J. Melson and others for a public road from foot of Bayly's road to Battle Point over lands of Mrs. Dr. Tiffany and for a public landing at Battle Point.

Hezekiah Nedab and Ellen Nedab, prisoners in jail, awaiting indictment, were bailed to appear on 1st day of next term to answer the charge of cutting, stabbing and wounding a certain James Taylor with intent to maim, &c.

Caleb Watson and others vs. Jesse Bowden on complaint of an unlawful detainer. Second jury failed to agree.

The recommendation made by the viewers in matter of draining public road near public schoolhouse in Drummondtown, was approved by court and certified to Board of Supervisors.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 6, 1888