Peninsula Enterprise, January 19, 1884


Proceedings at December Term, 1883.

A receipt from Sarah T. Taylor to Elihu Taylor's adm. (John D. Wimbrough) was proved and ordered recorded.

Thomas G. Pitts was appointed and qualified as guardian of his infant child, George Emory Pitts.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered recorded, namely: Orphan accounts of George S., Julia S., Edwin A. and Jackson L. Walter, with John W. Hyslop guardian; an audit of the estate of Jane Rew, dec'd.; an account of George F. Parker, committee of Wm. H. Mears, lunatic, and an account of Fletcher Drummond, trustee, with George S. Lewis' trust funds.

A special Grand Jury empanelled returned bills of indictment against Henry A. Thomas et als. of the schooner "Geo. B. Hambleton," for feloniously catching oysters with dredges; defendants were tried and each acquitted, except Capt. Henry A. Thomas, in whose case the jury disagreed. Against Ellis Parkes et als. of schooner "George W. Cook," for same offence; defendants tried and acquitted. Against Wm. H. Miles, for unlawfully staking in and using a natural oyster bed, rock or shoal, or part thereof. Against Major H. Stant, for willful trespass; against Frank Young, for petit larceny; against William J. Lewis, for assault and battery, and the jury ignored bills against Wm. T. Bloxom, George W. Berry and Thos Thornton, Sr. and Thos. Thornton, Jr.

The last will of Edward Killman, was proved and ordered recorded, and Thos. Killman qualified as admr. with the will annexed.

Thos. S. Bayly qualified as admr. with the will annexed of John J. Bayly, dec'd.

The last will of Margaret B. Finney, dec'd, was proved and ordered recorded, and Oswald B. Finney qualified as executor.

Wm. J. Rue qualified as admr. of R. Ellison Rue, dec'd.

James A. Hall qualified as admr. of Edward Churn, dec'd.

Geo. W. Mason was appointed and qualified as guardian of William L. James, orphan of Levin T. James, dec'd.

Samuel T. Ross was nominated, appointed and qualified as guardian of Martha Berry, orphan of John Berry, dec'd.

Arthur M. Rogers resigned the trust of guardian of Milcah Ann and Frederick Davis.

Richard D. L. Fletcher qualified as assistant for Spencer D. Fletcher, commissioner of revenue for district No. 1.

Benjamin T. Gunter qualified as judge of the 17th judicial circuit of the State of Virginia.

Patrick H. Connorton qualified as notary public for the county of Accomack.

William J. M. Sharpley qualified as inspector of oysters for waters of Chincoteague and Assateague bays.

Accounts (2) of Walter F. Broadwater, special constable, for services in the oyster trials, were allowed and certified.

John R. Kellam, J. P., paid into court $3.00 -- fines received of Alex and Jim Taylor and Jim Sample, convicted of assault and battery.

Edward P. Byrd and others vs. Southey Simpson (on attachment for rent) order to collect purchase money, pay costs and rent.

Order transferring bar room liquor license of Thos. F. Colburn at Franklin City to Robert M. Powell.

Bar room liquor license was granted John M. Floyd, at Mappsville.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters, &c., were entered as follows: For Southy Mason, $14; Joseph T. Chance, $5; M. H. Chandler, $4; James H. Mason, $6; James Thornton, $4; George E. Roberts, $22; Joseph S. Waterfield, $6; Wm. Justis (of Isaiah), 90 cts.; Zorobabel Mason, 18 cts.; John Thorns, $2; A. J. Killman and A. S. Ewell, $1 each; Joseph R. Riggs, admr., $2.50; Nancy Parkes, 50 cts.; Henry Hall, $3.00; John Brittingham, Wm. T. Parkes and John L. Gillespie, $3 each; Wesley S. Miles, $110; and John H. Wise, $39.75.

Upon George W. Glenn and others' petition for public road, report of viewers filed and order to summon proprietors and tenants.

The Commonwealth vs. Henry Hurley (on indictment for felonious dredging,) defendant was outlawed, and capias utlagatum was awarded.

Same vs. George S. G. Mears (on indictment of assault and battery, ) defendant was convicted and fined $5 and costs of prosecution.

Same vs. Moses Finney (on indictment for carrying a slung shot concealed) defendant plead guilty, was fined $15 and costs -- the whole amounting, including costs on scire facias, to $42.53.

Order entered directing Geo. W. Hinman, inspector of oysters, to release the "Geo. W. Cook," the Baltimore schooner captured by him.

The Commonwealth vs. Wm. T. Bloxom Jr., (on indictment for shooting Meshack W. Gaskins with intent to maim, &c.,) defendant appeared as recognized -- the case was continued until next term, and security given for defendant's appearance at that time.

Reuben W. Bishop was appointed surveyor of the roads of the district of the Islands.

Account of Wm. L. Nock, constable, against the Commonwealth, for criminal charges, was allowed and certified.

Ex Parte: Bettie W. Lewis, &c's guardian, order referring cause to Master Commissioner.

Order allowing John Somers, Sr., surveyor, to employ lighters to convey shells to landing, to be used on his road precinct.

The Commonwealth vs. Geo. W. Berry, information filed against defendant for selling ardent spirits unlawfully.

Accounts of Wm. H. B. Custis, Clerk, against the Commonwealth, for attendance upon the court sitting for the trial of felony cases, and for examining the land and property books for years 1882 and 1883, were examined, allowed and certified.

John L. Gillespie qualified as admr. of Frisbie W. Rayfield.

John L. Gillespie was nominated, appointed and qualified as guardian of John L. Rayfield, orphan of Frisbie W. Rayfield.

Upshur B. Quinby was appointed and qualified as guardian of Gabrielle S. Mapp, child of Geo. S. Mapp.

Ex Parte: Margaret A. Scarburgh's executors, order permitting Gabrielle S. Mapp's guardian to check out of Marine Bank the money therein deposited in this proceeding.

Gabrielle S. Mapp's guardian vs. Gabrielle S. Mapp et als., order referring cause to Master Commissioner for enquiry and report.

Ex Parte: Petition of Mary E. Gilden, order confirming report of clerk and receiver, and removing cause from docket.

Upon application of Thorogood Mason for a drain, order establishing drain upon payment of costs and damages.

The Commonwealth vs. Henry Kellam (on indictment for disturbing religious worship); defendant was tried, convicted and sent to jail for one hour, and was fined $5 and costs of prosecution.

Same vs. Wm. W. Smith (on indictment for willful trespass); defendant was tried and convicted, fined $10 and costs and sentenced to six months in county jail.

Upon John T. Hill and others' petition for public road on Chincoteague Island; order entered establishing road from Deep Hole to Wilcox & Co.'s. fish factory, and directing same to be opened by surveyor.

Accounts of Wm. P. M. Kellam, attorney for Commonwealth, for criminal prosecutions, was allowed and certified.

The Commonwealth vs. Franklin C. Lewis, jury disagreed and case continued.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
January 19, 1884