Peninsula Enterprise, August 18, 1888


Proceedings, July Term, 1888.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of John E. Ames, Wm. Baker, John Blizzard, Wm. Harman and Geo. W. T. Hinman; orphan accounts of Wm. H. Harman, Charlotte F. Harman and Annie L. Harman; and trust accounts of John H. Ames and wife.

Andrew Parks was granted a certificate to catch alewives to be manufactured into oil.

Charlotte C. Taylor qualified as administratrix of Cornelius T. Taylor, deceased, and also as guardian of Orin Fair, Robt. James and Catharine Custis Taylor, orphans of Said Cornelius T. Taylor.

Edgar D. Taylor qualified as guardian of Ida Cornelia Taylor, orphan of Cornelius T. Taylor, deceased.

Sam'l F. Smith qualified as guardian of Maggie M. Smith, orphan of Sallie Smith , deceased.

Robert E. Lewis qualified as guardian of Elizabeth Smith, orphan of Sallie Smith, deceased.

John R. Johnson qualified as inspector of oysters for District No. 5 and John C. Justice for District No. 7.

Order entered charging the voting place from Locustmount to Wachapreague.

A bar room and also retail liquor license was granted to Charles K. Taylor at Mill Bridge in Pungoteague district.

Orders on the county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered for Benjamin J. Kellam for $14, Ezekial Baker and Levin J. Hyslup $10 each, Levin R. Lewis $6.92 (2 orders), James P. Martin $3, William Russell of Wm., $7.50, William T. Milliner $7, George Taylor $3.13, Solomon T. Ewell $1, Solomon E. Ewell 30 cents, Solomon T. Johnson, John Brittingham and Wm. S. Holland $2 each, Henry Melson of P., N. P. Killmon and L. Floyd Nock $1 each.

William H. Coard was appointed surveyor of road in place of William T. Milliner, resigned, Asa Prescott in place of Charles W. Fedderman, resigned and E. B. Martin in place of William Waterfield resigned.

Upon petition of John M. Bloxom and others for a public road, John L. Gillespie commissioner, filed a report.

Augustus W. Johnson, C. S. Witham and L. F. Hinman, surveyors of public roads, were granted authority to purchase material and repair public bridges in their precinct.

Winfield S. Byrd, surveyor of road, was granted authority to clean and cut out a ditch in his road precinct.

Upon petition of E. E. Corbin & others for a public road on Tangier Island. Report of John A. Chambers, surveyor, filed -- order entered confirming the report, directing the payment of petitioner's cost and allowing the amount expended by the surveyor.

Commonwealth vs. John W. Hart (on indictment for selling intoxicating liquor in Metompkin district). The defendant was tried a second time and the jury again failing to agree on verdict, a nolle prosequi was entered.

Thomas F. Johnson, a native of Norway, declared on oath his bona fide intention to become a citizen of the United States.

Caleb Watson and others vs. Jesse Bowden (writ of unlawful detainer), continued on defendants motion until the 2nd day of next term because of the absence of material witnesses.

Order entered directing the distribution of Sam's J. Whealton's estate without requiring refunding bonds of the distributees.

Commonwealth vs. Oliver and Chas. Townshend (on indictment for petit larceny). Nolle prosequi entered.

John R. Ames vs. Wm. E. Jacob's administrators et als (on petition). Referred to master commissioner, Sam'l T. Ross.

Ex parte. Petition of John W. Lingo's trustee. Order confirming master's report, directing payment of costs, debts and for distribution.

Upon petition of D. J. Whealton and others for repairs to public road on Chincoteague Island. The report of viewers was returned and duly filed.

Order entered transferring certain lands from road precinct No. 16 of Lee district to precinct No. 36 of said district, of which Henry T. Rayfield is surveyor.

Thos. W. Russell qualified to practice the law in this court.

Earnest Koenig, a native of Germany was admitted a citizen of the United States.

Geo. W. Barnes admr. c. t. a. vs. Frank Barnes &c., (on petition). Affidavit filed and order for payment of costs and the share of the defendant Fletcher J. Barnes of the funds in the Marine Bank.

Upon petition of Thos. H. James and others for a public road at Wachapreague. Order entered approving of the expenditure by the county of $150 in aid of opening the road -- being one half of the amount ascertained to be necessary.

Ex parte, petition of Wm. E. Jacob's administrator. Petition filed and order for payment of costs and deposit of share of Minnie and Clara Jacob in Marine Bank.

Jas. E. W. Figgs and wife vs. Wm. H. Harman's administrators and others. Petition filed and order referring cause to master commissioner, S. T. Ross.

Geo. W. Glenn qualified as Notary Public for the county of Accomac.

Upon petition of Wm. B. Stevenson and others for repairs to a public road in Drummondtown. The viewers made their report which was duly filed.

Albert F. Mears, judgment creditor of Artemus E. Poulson vs. Martin E. Chesser and others (on a suggestion). Verdict and judgment for the plaintiff.

Order entered authorizing the clerk of the county court to remove the records of said court from the present clerk's office to the new clerk's office, when the same is ready to be occupied.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
August 18, 1888