Peninsula Enterprise, July 12, 1890


Proceedings, June Term, 1890.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed: Audits of estates of John B. Bundick, John T. Stevenson, John S. Metcalf, Edward Bloxom, Edward H. Conquest, Sr., and Geo. W. Powell; orphan accounts of Lela M. and Oscar L. Powell and Maggie W. Groton; trust accounts of Alexander J. and Sargent P. Ward and Arthur J. Turlington and wife.

A duly certified copy of Jno. C. Coleburn's will was ordered to be recorded.

Last will of Margaret A. Parks was proved and John F. Hope qualified as executor.

Last will of Revel J. Lewis was proved and James T. Weaver qualified as administrator.

Jno. T. Scott's estate was committed to hands of sheriff for administration.

Geo. W. Weaver was appointed and qualified as guardian of Leroy M. Lewis, orphan of John T. Lewis, deceased.

Jas. A. Hall was appointed and qualified as guardian of Susan A., and Marion Hall, children of Raymond Hall.

Following fines were paid into court; By Robert T. Harmon, J.P., $2.50, a fine received of Levi McCammer convicted of assault and battery; by S. R. Nelson, J.P., $5, received of Lydia Topping $2.50, $2.50 received of Jim Custis and $2.50 received of Mary Burton, all convicted of assault and battery; by E. N. Gunter, J.P., $3, fine received of Eva White convicted of assault and battery.

Authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony was granted to Rev. Adolphus D. Melvin of M. P. Church.

Following accounts against Commonwealth in criminal matters &c. were allowed and certified to auditor of public accounts: To L. F. J. Wilson, J.P., $1; Thos. J. Clayton, J.P., two accounts, $1 and $4; M. Oldham, Jr., clerk, two accounts $15 and $13; John H. Wise, sheriff and jailor, four accounts, $4.50, $100.55, $8 and $7.05; L. J. Gunter, constable, $16.93.

Certificate to obtain license to manufacture oil from fish was granted to David R. Mister, Jno. W. Bunting, Crockett & Connorton, E. J. Foote and The American Fish Guano, Co.

Certificate to obtain license as the head of a gang using a seine for catching fish for manufacture were granted to Joshua T. Dies, Chas. W. Charnock, Wm. C. Bunting and Wm. K. Reed.

Following inspectors of oysters were appointed and qualified: Wm. H. Lang, for district No. 3; Wm. J. Barnes, district No. 5; Walter F. Brodwater, district No. 6; John C. Justice, district No. 7.

A special grand jury was empannelled and returned indictments true bills, as follows: One for permitting unlawful gaming at House of Entertainment, 4 for unlawful gaming , 1 for rape, 1 for obstructing a ditch cut to drain county road, 1 for felonious and malicious shooting with intent to maim &c., 1 for carrying concealed weapons, 2 for petit larceny, 4 for setting a pound net unlawfully, 2 for housebreaking with intent to commit larceny and 1 for assault and battery.

Commonwealth vs. John H. Marshall (on an attachment). Defendant was brought into court because of his failure to make up his accounts as guardian of William J. and Lillie T. Gunter -- was discharged by the court after a hearing, but judgment was given against him for costs.

Commonwealth vs. Custis Bayly (on an indictment for malicious shooting). Defendant tried, convicted of unlawful shooting with intent to maim, sentenced to jail for term of 6 months, to pay fine of five dollars and costs of prosecution and ordered to work in chain gang.

G. B. and T. W. Jones, Alfred W. Short, A. T. Fisher, Elizabeth S. Fletcher, Jno. W. Bowdoin, Teackle R. Chase, Alsavada Chase, Daniel H. Byrd and John L. Byrd vs. Julius L. Bayly (on attachments). Judgments for plaintiffs and orders of sale of attached effects to be effective only when bonds are given by plaintiffs before clerk of court, which should have been taken by the justice, who issued the attachment.

Following inspectors of oysters made report for 3 months, ending May 31st, 1890; S. J. Davis, inspector 1st district collected $82.38, due State $74.15; same for 2nd district collected $5.50 due State $4.95; Jas. T. Weaver, 6th district, collected $136.68, due State $123.02; J. C. Justice, 7th district, collected $68.28, due State $61.46; R. R. Hutchinson, 9th district, collected $53.37, due State $48.04.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters allowed as follows: Thaddeus K. Martin $7, Edward D. Pollett $2, Geo. S. Mapp 40 cents, Levin R. Lewis $8, T. Berkley Smith $2, Wm. H. Drummond $6, J. J. Shield $5, Chas H. Savage $4, Edward Wright $7, Wm. Eichelberger, James Scott, Wm. T. Wimbrough and Jacob Langdale $1 each and Jas. H. Bagwell $2.

Jno. R. Rew was appointed surveyor of road in place of T. Berkley Smith, resigned, and Thos. R. Mears in place of Walter H. Marsh, resigned.

Order entered for cutting of ditch to drain public road, of which Wm. H. Coard is surveyor, by the chain gang.

Petition of Wm. T. Mason and others to drain Hack's Neck road. Order for appropriating $350 for the purpose and appointing Wm. T. Mason, commissioner, to have the work done.

Petition of John W. Bowdoin and others for public bridge over Bethel Branch. Bid of Geo. T. Parks & Co. accepted by the court and John W. Bowdoin, commissioner, ordered to take bond and contract with bidder.

Barroom license granted to Geo. E. Winder at Pungoteague and barroom and retail liquor license to Arthur T. Mears at Leemont.

Petition of Benj. T. Gunter, trustee of Arthur J. Turlington and wife's trust fund. Petition filed and cause referred to whom and in what proportions the said fund in hands of trustee belongs.

Ex parte petition of Sadie Small's late guardian (Jas. T. Hurst). Petition filed, order for payment of costs and attorney's fee and for late guardian to loan out balance in hand.

Application of Major Mason and others to repair public road. Order for Henry T. Mason, surveyor, to repair the portion of the road extending from big bridge at head of Parks' mill pond to Mason's steam mill.

John H. Wise was appointed and qualified as committee of Albert Lewis, son of David Lewis, deceased, a person of unsound mind.

John C. Johnson applied for barroom and retail liquor license at Taylorsville in Metompkin district, which was refused by the Court -- the Court holding that the place was unsuitable, and the applicant thereupon entered an appeal from the decision to the circuit court.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
July 12, 1890