Peninsula Enterprise, April 12, 1884


Proceedings at March Term, 1884.

Last will of Lovey Copes, deceased, was proved and ordered recorded.

Isaac Kellam was appointed and qualified as guardian of Fanny Ashby, orphan of Louisa Ashby, deceased.

The following accounts of fiduciaries were confirmed and ordered recorded, to wit: Otho B., Benjamin T., and Virginia S. Mears, with James H. Belote, their guardian; Harry Thompson, Mary Eliz., Adelbert Warren, Wm. Bagwell and Ella E. Mears, with Nathaniel Beloate their guardian; audits of the estates respectively of Wm. Pruitt, Levin T. James and Francis A. Campbell, deceased; trust accounts of Thos. W. Custis, John E. Wescott & Co., and William P. Custis' trustees.

A regular grand jury was empaneled, and presented an indictment against Henry Hope for receiving stolen goods; Charles Northam for house breaking with intent to commit larceny; Kemp Wysham for selling foods as a drummer without license; and Edward S. Johnson for trading, buying, &c., horses, &c., without license. (Nolle prosequis were entered against Hope & Northam; Johnson plead guilty and paid fine and costs, amounting to $42.59 into court).

Fine of $5 each was imposed by the court upon Geo. W. Barnes, James G. Fox, Teackle T. Wescott and Thomas B. C. Gibb, grand jurors, who were absent when called after dinner.

The Commonwealth vs. Franklin C. Lewis; verdict of not guilty and judgment of acquittal.

The Commonwealth vs. Frank Young, indictment for larceny of goods of Pate & Mason, at Leemont; verdict of guilty, and defendant sentenced to seventy-five days in county jail.

Estates of Coleburn Salisbury and Margaret S. Kellam committed to sheriff for administration.

Thomas S. Bayly qualified as administrator of Wm. P. Bayly, deceased.

Report filed according to law by commissioner of accounts as to sufficiency, &c., of county treasurer's official bond.

Order entered for clerk and receiver to pay John T. Jones his railroad damages.

Obadiah W. Godwin, constable, paid into court $10 fine collected of John H. Fisher upon conviction assault and battery on George Smith.

Wm. L. Nock, constable for Atlantic district tendered his resignation which was accepted by the court.

Orders on county treasurer in favor of road surveyors, &c., were entered in 82 cases.

Petition of Major H. Stant for a road; report of viewers filed, and order to summon proprietors.

Petition of John R. Bowdoin, et als., for a road: report of viewers filed, and order to summon proprietors.

Qualifications of John O. Selby, John W. Gillet and John L. Harmanson, members of the Electoral Board, were recorded.

Qualifications of Jno. E. Mapp and J. D. Grant, members of the County Board of School Commissioners, were recorded.

Liquor license of Geo. G. Ailworth at Drummondtown transferred to Geo. H. Hickman.

Liquor license of E. D. Hinman & co. at Locustville transferred to Wm. S. Kellam.

The following surveyors of public roads were appointed, to wit: Edward T. Groton vice Wm. Groton, resigned; Thos. H. Bayly Browne vice Wm. J. Coxton, resigned; Henry Crockett vice Jno. W. Mears, resigned; and W. R. Parramore vice W. P. Bell, resigned.

Orders were entered allowing Marion J. Poulson, Edward L. East, J. T. Ackley, Jno. A. Brittingham, Jno. O. Byrd and Henry A. W. Corbin, surveyors, to purchase certain material and repair public bridges.

Rules were awarded against Wm. E. Jacob and Jno. W. Hyslop for failing to attend as grand jurors.

Order entered allowing Gabrielle S. Mapp's guardian (U. B. Quinby) to expend her principal in her education.

Order entered establishing Masonville a voting precinct, and discontinuing Guilford precinct; and directing that those now voting at Guilford shall vote hereafter at Masonville.

Petition filed by Thos. G. Elliott et als for a voting precinct at Hawk's Nest in Pungoteague district.

Petition of Elizabeth S. Fletcher et als for road and landing in Wallop's Neck -- witnesses heard, and petition dismissed.

Order on petition of Bettie W. Lewis's late guardian for payment of debts, taxes, costs and share of Bettie W. Lewis.

Account of Jno. H. Wise, sheriff, for board of prisoners in jail examined and certified.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
April 12, 1884