May Term, 1899


Proceedings, May Term, 1899.

Last will of Jane M. LeCato proved and Edwin T. Powell qualified as executor.

Last will of John R. Melson proved and Wesley T. Melson qualified as administrator with will annexed.

Last will of Elizabeth E. Bowdoin proved and Benjamin T. Gunter qualified as executor.

George R. Scott qualified as administrator of Margaret J. Scott, deceased.

Montcalm Oldham Jr. qualified as guardian of Joseph Royall Brodwater, orphan of Joseph E. Brodwater, deceased.

James H. Fletcher Jr. qualified as guardian of Martha W., Charles T., George M., Cleveland C., Arthur H., Ada V. and John P. West, orphans of M. Thos. West, deceased.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed to wit: audits of estates of Perry A. Leatherbury and John R. Courtney; Eliza Evans' trust account; Robert Watson's account with committee; orphan accounts of Nora, David, Tully, Julia, Maggie, Manie, Percilla and Kendall Mears, Maggie K. and Annie V. Turner, James Fox, Maggie E. and John T. Wright, Thos. L. Hinman, Alice L. and Evelyn W. Mister.

The clerk reported the list of fines reported to him by Justices of the Peace for month of April last.

The sheriff reported the number of prisoners in jail, their offences, sentences &c.

A regular grand jury was empanelled and returned into court indictments, "true bills" against Peter Marshall, James Evans, Jesse Marsh and Archie Marsh, non residents of Virginia for taking oysters feloniously and indictment against Henry Nock, colored, for grand larceny, who will be tried at 2d day of next term.

The Commonwealth vs. Samuel Matthews (on appeal, two cases) from judgment of J.P., on warrants charging Matthews with committing petit larceny. Matthews pleaded guilty and was fined $100 in each case and to pay costs of prosecution.

An inquest held by Geo. E. Winder, J.P., and acting corner, over "person unknown", found near Butcher Creek, April 13, 1899, was received by the court and filed.

Accounts against the Commonwealth in criminal and lunacy cases were allowed as follows: To Geo. E. Winder, J.P., $1.00; Blackstone & Bell, druggist, 75 cents; E. T. Ross Sr., constable, $7.70; Edward W. Hutchinson, J.P., $1.00; Joseph L. Cooper, J.P., $10.50 and $1.00; Joseph L. Cooper Jr., special constable, $24.60; attorney for the commonwealth $40.00; Samuel C. Melson, $6.50; J. H. Ayres, physician to jail, $4.50; jailer, $17.00 (board of lunatic) and $41.55 (board of prisoners.

Authority entered for James R. Bull of Thos., to assign his retail liquor license to John T. Bonniwell.

Authority entered for George S. Holt to transfer his retail liquor license from Bobtown to Craddockville.

Retail liquor license granted to Charles C. H. Wharton at Drummondtown.

L. Floyd Nock was substituted trustee in place of C. O. Disbrow in deed from Edward H. Derickson and wife.

James H. Fletcher Jr. was substituted trustee in place of Upshur B. Quinby in deed from Caleb J. Taylor.

An election was ordered for July 22d, 1899, in Pungoteague District as to a "hog' law".

John O. Ewell qualified as Superintendent of the Poor for term of four years from July 1st, next.

Upon petition of W. F. Mears and others for a public road. Joshua T. Burton, commissioner, made report of completion of road, from Nock's Branch to Melfa, and order entered for payment of petitioners' costs &c.

Thos. F. Floyd vs. Seymour Thos. Joynes (on attachment for rent). Petition of Mirty W. Bull overruled, and order for payment by constable Kellam of costs of attachment, and balance of money into hands of plaintiff Floyd.

The following officers elected on 4th Thursday in May last qualified: Justices of the Peace, A. S. Taylor, Joseph L. Cooper, and Geo. E. Winder; constables, Edward T. Ross Sr. and Tankard G. Kellam; supervisor, E. S. Wise.

Upon petition of Geo. S. Nock and others for a public road from Isaiah W. Bagwell's farm to Onley. Order appointing Joshua T. Burton, road manager, a commissioner to complete the road.

Ex parte: Petition of W. L. Marshall's admr. Order for L. Floyd Nock, attorney, to withdraw money from Marine Bank, pay costs and taxes, and accounts &c.

Ex parte: Petition of Clarence S. Killman &c's, guardian. Order authorizing George T. Stockley, guardian and receiver, to collect bond, in which orphan's money is invested, for payment of costs &c.

Petition of Board of Directors of Eastern Shore Agricultural Association and others for public roads, from Keller to Fair Grounds &c. Order by court approving part of road applied for and disapproving of part and recommitting viewers' report.

Order entered releasing from jail Cilly Harmon, who was imprisoned, charged with lunacy, she having been restored to sanity.

Isaac N. Hearn vs. Sewell H. Richardson. Report of sheriff filed and order confirming report.

Ex parte: Petition of John Rew's ex'or. Report of James H. Fletcher Jr., attorney, filed and order confirming report and removing cause from the docket.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
June 10, 1899