April Term, 1899


Proceedings, April Term, 1899.

Authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony was granted to Rev. Clarence W. Strickland of the M. E. Church and to Rev. J. W. H. Hubbard of same church.

Geo. T. Stockley qualified as guardian of Walter D., Brandon B., Pearl K., and Alice H. Kilmon, orphans of John H. Kilmon, deceased.

Accounts against the Commonwealth were allowed as follows: To Jno. A. Mears, J.P., (lunacy and criminal cases) 50 cents and $1.00; Geo. E. Winder Jr., (coffin, grave and burial of unknown person) $.6.50; Geo. E. Winder, J.P., $1.00 and $3.00; Dr. Geo. L. Ames, $2.50; jailer (board of lunatic) $15.00 and (board of prisoners) $69.30.

Inquest held over James Henry Matthews, colored, and Randolph Brown respectively were returned and filed.

The clerk made report of the fines reported to him in month of March, 1899, by Justices of the Peace.

The sheriff made report of the number of prisoners in jail, their sentences &c.

Jay Gould was released from jail, having served out his term of six months and being unable to pay costs.

L. Floyd Nock was appointed trustee in deed from Hester A. Luker to Upshur B. Quinby, (now deceased) trustee for Jno. Neely.

John T. Nock was appointed trustee in deed from George Major and wife to Wm. C. Pitts (now deceased) trustee for L. Floyd Nock (now assignee of the deeds).

Upon petition of Eastern Shore Agricultural Association and others for public road. Report of viewers filed and order to summon proprietors and tenants to show cause against road.

Upon petition of Fletcher Drummond and others to alter public road and for public bridge at Horsey Branch near Parksley. Petition and viewers appointed.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed: Audits of estates of Mary A. Gibbons, Geo. W. Mason and Alfred Loffland; orphan accounts of Barton K., and Margaret E. Lilliston, Mabel J., and James T. Nock, Wilfred, Lena and Robert Hall, Harvey L., Charles E., Willie C., Lloyd M. and Emma May Gilden, Carson Egbert Kilmon; and James C. Rowles and wife's trust account.

John R. Rew was admitted to practice law in this court.

John W. Martin was appointed trustee in deed for John Kimmerle to James L. Savage (now deceased) trustee for Geo. W. White.

Order entered for Joshua T. Burton, road machine manager of Lee district, to repair public road at Dingley's Mill.

The Commonwealth vs. Ezekiel A. Bloxom, (on indictment for selling liquor to minors). Defendant was tried, found not guilty and discharged.

The Commonwealth vs. Ezekiel A. Bloxom (on indictment for selling liquor on Sunday)> Nolle prosequi entered and defendant discharged.

The Commonwealth vs. James Casey and Wm. C. Lane, non residents of Virginia, (on indictments for catching oysters feloniously). Nolle prosequi entered and defendants were discharged.

The Commonwealth vs. William H. Wright (on indictment for felonious dredging). Nolle prosequi entered and defendant discharged.

Ex parte: Petition of Jno R. Rew's executor. Order for payment of taxes, costs and shares of Charles F. Rew and Annie J. Marshall.

Thomas F. Floyd vs. Seymour Thomas Joynes (attachment for rent). Continued on plaintiff's motion to first day of next term.

Ex parte: Petition of Oaknall J. Humphreys &c's late guardian. Report of Wescott & Gunter filed and confirmed and further order for payment of taxes, costs and share of Elizabeth M. Humphreys.

Ex parte: Petition of Charles A. Gibbons &c's late guardian. Report of L. Floyd Nock filed and confirmed, and further order for payment of taxes, costs and share of Wm. T. Gibbons.

Ex parte: Petition of Sabra Conquest's admr. c.t.a. Report of L. Floyd Nock filed and confirmed, and cause removed from docket.

Ex parte: Petition of Isaac G. Coffin's late ex'or. Report of L. Floyd Nock filed and confirmed.

Ex parte: Petition of Eliza (alias Elijah) Marshall &c's late guardian. Order for payment of costs, taxes and share of Eliza (alias Elijah) Marshall.

Petition of O. H. Taylor & others for public road. Order entered refusing part of road applied for and approving part and certifying same to Board of Supervisors.

Ex parte: Petition of George Hargis' ex'or. Order for payment of costs and balance of $25.00, toward necessary clothing for infant, Polly Watkinson.

The following liquor license were granted: Mapp & Trower, Harvey Marston, Chas. C. Bevans, Keller; James R. Bull of Thos., Mappsburg; Alfred S. Bull, Fair Oaks; Alma J. Read, Wm. Henry Gaskins, Pungoteague; John L. Gardner, Bull Branch; Geo. S. Holt, Bobtown; Oswald D. Doughty, Wachapreague; Geo. W. Hack, Craddockville; Henry Thomas, Shilo Valley; Wm. C. West, William T. Winder, Robert P. Custis, Burton, Parker & Co., Onancock; Burley W. James, Tasley; Leroy J. Bull, Edward G. Fox, Onley; Wm. B.Daugherty, Daugherty; George N. Trower, Locustville; Geo. G. Ailworth, G. Lloyd Doughty, Wm. Wharton, J. F. Wharton & Co., Drummondtown; Chas. A. Gibbons, Parksville; John D. Johnson, James Lee Justis, Parksley; Abednego T. Fisher, Ezekiel A. Bloxom, Bloxom Station; William Walsh, Mappsville; Henry D. Adams, Gargatha; Millard F. Poulson, Messongo Bridge; Robert L. Parks, Centerville.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 6, 1899