Peninsula Enterprise, June 30, 1881


Proceedings, June Term, 1881 -- Judge Thomas C. Parramore, presiding.

The will of Wm. W. Sharpley was proved and ordered to be recorded. The estate of said Sharpley was committed to the Sheriff for Administration.

Account of Albert C. Mason with acting Guardian, confirmed.

Account of Edward B. Waples, Committee of Peter Evans, Sr., confirmed.

Audit of Ann J. Garrison, deceased, confirmed.

Audit of Edwin T. Mapp, deceased, confirmed.

Audit of Nancy Mears, deceased, confirmed.

Audit of Fred A. Tull, deceased, confirmed.

Audit of Jno. R. Hinman, Sr., deceased, confirmed.

Road Precinct No. 5 of Pungoteague District sub-divided.

Joseph C. Boggs appointed surveyor of No. 5 and Geo. B. Mason of No. 30 (new No.)

Order on County Treasurer entered in favor of Arthur W. Jacob, Joseph C. Boggs, Thos. G. Elliott, James H. Beloate, and Thos. L. Trower, for services rendered the County.

Accounts against the Commonwealth in favor of John E. Wallace and George E. Bull, Constable, and Joseph W. Mears, J.P., certified to Auditor of Public accounts.

Berry F. Garrison appointed surveyor of road Precinct No. 23, of Pungoteague District in place of Arthur W. Jacob, removed from the County.


For term of two years, commencing July 1st -- Justice of the Peace -- Metompkin District, Jno. D. Wimbrough, George T. Clayton and Wm. T. Parkes. Pungoteague -- Thos. W. Blackstone, Stewart Kellam and Abel J. Bird. The Islands -- Richard P. Reynolds, Henry T. Scott and Samuel J. Mumford. Atlantic -- Wm. T. Otwell, Ambrose S. Taylor and Wm. S. Matthews. Lee -- John R. Kellam, James C. Weaver and George T. Scarburgh.

Supervisors -- Sylvanus W. Russell, Edward S. Wise and Thomas A. Northam.

Overseer's of the Poor -- Samuel C. Taylor, Daniel H. Dennis, Tho. W. Blackstone and Alfred J. Lilliston.

Constables -- Geo. E. Bull, Wm. L. Nock and Alfred Hudson.

Clerk of the Court -- Wm. H. B. Custis, for a term of six years from July 1st.

Montcalm Oldham, Jr., qualified as deputy Clerk.

Bar Room License granted to John T. Fowler, at "Dew Drop," and to Wm. P. Barnes at "Lee Mont," who also obtained retail liquor license at same place.

Hope, contestant vs. Godwin, contestee -- office of constable in Metompkin -- election declared valid, and complaint and petition overruled and dismissed.

Petition filed by Major T. Wise and others for bridge by County over branch on road from Pungoteague to Craddockville near land of Chas. H. Rogers and others.

Upon petition of Edward S. Wise and others for public road across Occohannock Creek. Report of Commissioners filed, and order to summon proprietors and tenants.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
June 30, 1881