Peninsula Enterprise, November 8, 1883


Proceedings at October Term.

A regular grand jury was empannelled and returned indictments "true bills" against the following persons:

George S. G. Mears and Wm. Summers, for assault and battery; Samuel R. Stebbins for unlawfully having terrapins in his possession; Enoch Conger for violating a law for protection of terrapins; Oliver S. Merrill and John S. Melvin for petit larceny; John F. Powell, Samuel R. Stebbins, Upton Mason, Wm. Ellis, Wm. Sharpley, Abel A. Lake, Ezra K. Young, Frederick D. Jones and Peter Collins, for staking in, using and occupying a natural oyster bed, rock or shoal, or part thereof, unlawfully; Sewell B. Dennis, Frank M. Dennis, Thomas Watson, Moses Finney and Oliver Core, for carrying concealed weapons; Robert Marshall and Littleton Sample, for selling liquor unlawfully; Parker W. Parkes, for obstructing the public road; George West and Henry Kellam, for willfully interrupting and disturbing religious worship; Wm. W. Smith and Franklin C. Lewis, for willful trespass; J. Lowenthal for selling goods by sample, &c., without license, defendant plead guilty,and paid the fine $300 and costs $19.55 into court.

The grand jury ignored the following indictments: Wm. Willett and Thomas Watson, assault and battery; George and Ezekial Kilman, willful trespass; Kemp Wysham for selling goods by sample, &c., without license.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered recorded; Major E. Selby & Bro.'s trust account; Mary H., Rudolph W., John H. and George Thomas Young's orphan accounts; Thos. J. and Alice P. Adams' orphan accounts; Henry P. Parker's account with committee; audits of estates of Dennis Clayton Jr., Henry T. White and Edward Melson, deceased.

The Commonwealth vs. Oliver S. Merrill and John S. Melvin, defendants plead guilty, and recognized to answer next term.

The Commonwealth vs. same; rule awarded against John Brittingham, witness for defendants.

Wm. Mason was appointed and qualified as guardian of Grose, Wallace and Drucella Whealton, orphans of Daniel Whealton, deceased.

Joseph R. Riggs qualified as administrator of Thomas Bailey, deceased.

Thomas C. Watson qualified administrator cum testamento annexo of Wm. H. Parker, deceased.

Edward P. Byrd and others vs. Southy Simpson (on attachment for rent); judgment for plaintiffs, and order of sale.

Upon motion to assign Nancy Whealton's dower; report of commissioners returned, entered and confirmed.

Upon petition of John T. Fletcher and others for public road; report of viewers filed.

Order for clerk and receiver to pay railroad damages to James J. Fletcher and wife.

Orders on county treasurer were entered as follows: For John Brittingham, John L. Gillespie, Wm. T. Parkes and Z. C. Mason $2.00 each; John W. Turlington and John W. Edmonds $5 each; James H. Nelson and Wm. E. Mapp $4 each; John Somers Sr., $12.71; Geo. W. Hyslop $5.75; Francis T. Stockley $22.80 and $17.00; road and bridge accounts.

Thomas P. Satchell was appointed surveyor of the road in place of Z. C. Mason, resigned.

Wm. H. Harrison was appointed and qualified as guardian of Clara L. Nelson, orphan of Wm. Nelson, deceased.

Commonwealth vs. Littleton Sample; plea of not guilty, and continued.

Commonwealth vs. Geo. S. G. Mears; default of defendant entered and continued.

Levin Floyd Nock qualified as administrator c.t.a. of Lewis S. Roberts, deceased.

A receipt from David Tarr to Mary Tarr, &c., was ordered to be recorded.

Petition of Geo. W. Glenn and others for public road on Saxe's Island; order appointing viewers.

Commonwealth vs. Henry Kellam; plea of N. G. and continued.

Commonwealth vs. Wm. W. Smith; plea of N. G. and continued.

Commonwealth vs. Geo West; default of defendant entered and continued.

Commonwealth vs. Moses Finney; default of defendant entered and continued.

Commonwealth vs. Frank C. Lewis; default of defendant entered and continued.

Ex Parte petition of Mollie E. Wessells' guardian (Frank Fletcher); order authorizing guardian to expend certain principle in education of ward, and for payment of costs.

John W. Jester vs. Thomas Handy; (on attachment); report of special commissioners filed; order confirming report and authorizing purchaser to anticipate.

Accounts of John H. Wise, sheriff and jailor, against the Commonwealth; allowed and certified (criminal charges).

Upon petition of John T. Hill and others for public road; opinions of court for road entered, and order to summon the two proprietors affected by change from original report.

Order transferring bar room liquor license of Margaret L. Adair, deceased, to Frederick Waddy, at Accomac C. H.

Order transferring bar room liquor license of George T. Clayton, at Forks of Road, to Messongo Bridge.

Bar room liquor license and retail license were granted to Edward S. Hall, at Nelsonia; Wm. L. Phillips and Revel C. Taylor, at Modestown; bar room license to Geo. W. Lamberson, Sign Post; and to Eli W. Bull, at Bull Run and retail license to Geo. T. Clayton, at Messongo Bridge.

The following judges of election were appointed: Richard W. Summers, John T. Scott and Marion J. Poulson, at Muddy Creek; Stanley J. Lewis and Thos. R. Fletcher at Guilford; and Major E. Selby at Greenbackville.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 8, 1883