Peninsula Enterprise, January 10, 1885


Proceedings at December Term, 1884:

Last will of Margaret J. Rogers proved and ordered recorded.

Estate if Mary R. Doughty, deceased, committed to sheriff for administration.

The following fiduciary accounts confirmed: James T. Rayfield's audit, orphan accounts of Julia S., Jackson L., Edwin A. and Georgia S. Walter.

Benjamin T. Gunter qualified as administrator of Alfred Gunter, deceased.

Charles Luther Allen was appointed and qualified as guardian of his children, John Thomas and Charles Robert Allen.

Orders on county treasurer in road matters, etc, were entered as follows: George Moore, $8.41; William J. Lewis, $5; James H. Mason, $5; Wesley W. Bull, $6; John W. Kellam, $6; Levin R. Lewis, $9.20; W. H. Lewis, $8; William T. Hope, $2.50; Alfred Trader, $5; John W. Turlington, John W. Gillespie and William H. Green, $5 each; John H. Wise, $57.50.

John H. Chandler vs Lewis E. Parker, attachment for rent, judgment for plaintiff, and order of sale.

Order for repair of two public bridges in road precinct No. 7, of Matompkin District, and also two in Atlantic district in James H. Grinnalds' precinct.

Surveyors of public roads were appointed as follows: James T. Rew vice Alfred Trader, Samuel Wright vice William T. Hope, Levin J. Melson vice James H. Mason.

Order entered committing William S. Kellam to jail for contempt in disturbing proceedings of the court, and after due apologies , order entered discharging him from custody.

Order entered for transfer of Arthur H. Drummond's liquor license from Cashville to Bull Run.

Order entered for transfer of Duffield Savage's liquor license at Onancock to N. F. chandler at Cashville.

Order entered for transfer of Frederick Waddy's ordinary license at Drummondtown to Duffield Savage.

Order entered for transfer of John W. Colonna's liquor license at Modestown to John W. Lankford.

License to keep an ordinary and retail liquor license, granted to Mattie Berry at Hallwood Station.

Bar room and retail license granted Walter W. Scott at Drummondtown; and bar room license granted John Marshall at Marshall Cross-roads.

The Commonwealth vs Ezekiel Bloxom, indictment for felony, continued on defendant's motion and he recognized.

Same vs James Ewell, indictment for felony, continued on commonwealth's motion and defendant recognized.

Rules awarded against John R. Bowdoin, Jeff Potts, Isaac Daisey, James Thornton, George Lewis and David Daisey absent witnesses.

The Commonwealth vs Parker Bowdoin, Sr., indictment for misdemeanor, continued on defendant's motion.

Same vs Horace Harman, John Benson and Eli Hope, defendants tried for hauling a seine unlawfully and found guilty and fined $50 each.

Rules against George T. Gladding, Thomas Marshall, E. W. Whealton and Louis Thornton, absent witnesses at the November term, were discharged for good cause shown.

The Commonwealth vs Solomon Gunter, indictment for misdemeanor, continued till April term next.

Same vs John Hopkins, indictment for misdemeanor, continued on defendant's motion.

Same vs John Hopkins and Elvy Jeffrys, on a scire facias, judgment by default on forfeited recognizance.

Ex parte Hannibal Fletcher's committee, order allowing Charles Finney, committee, to check on Marine bank for $734.64.

Ex parte petition of Ella Wessels, &c's guardian, order entered allowing L. Floyd Nock, guardian, to make expenditures of principal monies for wards.

Upon petition of A. Frank Byrd and others for public roads: James Broughton and other for same, and Edward T. Burton and wife, &c, for same, reports of the viewers filed and order to summon proprietors and tenants.

Other entered substituting John J. Gunter trustee in place of Alfred B. Gunter, deceased, in deed from William J. Fosque and wife.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
January 10, 1885