Peninsula Enterprise, January 13, 1894


Proceedings, December Term, 1893.

The following fines were paid into court: By Emory Moffitt, J.P., $2 received of Daniel Bebee, convicted before him of drunkenness and swearing; by W. A. P. Strang, J.P., $1.50 received of Wm. Bailey, $1.50 received of James Outten, $1 received from Irvin Sturgis, and $2.50 received of Edward Allen -- imposed by Strang for breach of the peace.

Authority to marry was granted to Rev. Emmitt F. Garner and to Rev. Edward H. Bean.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered recorded: Audits of estates of Edward D. Joynes, Sallie J. Bruff, George J. Dix, Annie M. Smith and William E. Gilden; orphan accounts of Jenney M. and Mary Lingo, Robert J., Orrin F. and Katharine C. Taylor; account of Robert Watson, lunatic with Wm. L. Watson, his committee.

Silverius C. Small qualified as notary public for the county of Accomac.

Orders on the county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows, to wit: For J. Mason $18.38; W. Nock, S. W. Matthews each $1; J. D. Parsons (2), $1 and $2; John Heath, $2.70; Edw. T. Heath $1; Wm. F. Mears, $1.50; F. T. Stockley, $18.40.

Order entered on application of John H. McCready, surveyor, appointing P. H. Connorton viewer on public road on Tangier Island, to report how the same should be repaired.

Upon application of Wm. J. Aydelotte and others for public road. The report of the viewers were returned and entered, confirmed by the court, and [illegible] as to allowance of $23 to proprietors and tenants for cutting and moving the timber from the road and order to summon proprietors and tenants of the land to show use why the road should not be opened and established and proposed.

A barroom license was granted to George Washington Bell at "Amesville", in Pungoteague district.

John H. Ker vs. John S. Matthews, (on attachment for rent). Report of constable filed and confirmed and order for [illegible] of plaintiff's rent and balance in hand to the defendant, his agent or attorney.

Samuel T. [illegible] qualified as guardian of Lena and Robert Hall, orphans of William C. Hall, deceased.

R. E. Swift's administrator vs. E. A. Jeffreys, (on option for relief as surety). Order requiring defendant Jeffreys to establish a new bond on the first day of next term as inspector of road for district No. 1 or other removed from office.

Commonwealth vs. the schooner "Geo. Tyson" (on an information for being used in taking oysters contrary to law). Defendant was tried, found guilty by the jury, but judgment on the verdict was arrested on the motion of the plaintiffs because the information failed to charge that the offense was contrary to the statute laws of the State. An amended information was filed and the verdict was set aside by the court and a new trial ordered on the 3rd day of the next term.

Accounts against the Commonwealth in lunacy cases were entered as follows; For W. A. P. Strang, J.P., J. T. Chandler, J.P., and G. T. Clayton, J.P., $1 each; and to Charles Harmanson, M.D., $2.50.

A commission was awarded to prove the will of Jas. Mers, deceased, late of Fort Custer, Custer county, Montana.

Exparte: Petition of Elisha Marshall's late guardian. Report of late guardian filed and confirmed.

Commonwealth vs. Robert Somers of Wm. (on an indictment for disturbing religious worship). Nolle prosequi entered.

Commonwealth vs. John Hughes, (on indictment for taking oysters feloniously). Defendant tried, convicted and paid fine and costs, and was discharged.

Same vs. same, (case No. 2). Nolle prosequi entered, and judgment entered against defendant Hughes for the Commonwealth's cost.

Commonwealth vs. Millard Poulson (case No. 1) (on indictment for taking oysters feloniously). Nolle prosequi entered and judgment for Commonwealth costs against defendant Poulson.

Same vs. Millard Poulson and Wm. J. Somers (on same). Nolle prosequi entered and judgment for Commonwealth's cost against defendant Poulson.

Upon petition of Jas. G. Fox and others for public road. Order entered directing county treasurer to pay the costs incurred by the petitioners.

Court examined, corrected and certified the insolvent and delinquent lists of district No. 1.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
January 13, 1894