Peninsula Enterprise, May 13, 1893


Proceedings, April Term, 1893.

Following fiduciary accounts confirmed and ordered, recorded: Audits of estates of Wm. M. Riley, A. M. Rogers, Thos. L. Trower, George Northam, Wm. R. Davis, Levin R. Ayres, Elijah J. Hinman, Thomas Bundick of Geo. T., and George W. Powell; orphan accounts of Oscar L. and Leila M. Powell, Eva B. Brittingham, Mabel B. and John S. McMath, S. Upshur Upshur, Lizzie Jones, Florence M., Edward and William E. Melson, Howard and Edwin Caulk; Sallie F. Bundick's trust account.

Inquest held over Jas. H. Baker by W. T. Parks, J.P., returned to court and filed.

Gem Organ Co., vs. Sallie M. Custis, (8 cases). Security for costs demanded by defendants.

Authority to marry was granted to Rev. Geo. P. Jones, Rev. John T. Edmondson and Jas. B. Lynch.

Authority to marry, heretofore granted to Jas. B. Workman, was rescinded.

Estates of Louis D. Heath Jr., and William Fox, was committed to Jno. H. Wise, sheriff, for administration.

Petition of Alfred J. Wessels and others for a public road and landing. Petition dismissed on motion of petitioners.

Application of E. T. Somers and another to discontinue public road from main Bayside road at Sirocco to Guard Shore. Report of viewers returned and entered and application dismissed at the cost of the applicants.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: For John T. White, $2; N. W. Nock and James R. Hickman, $1 each; John W. Belote, $4; David F. Wright, $8.

L. Floyd Nock qualified as guardian of Fannie S., Bessie M., Mary M. and Oaknall J. Humphreys, orphans of Jas. S. Humphreys, deceased.

Gen. Bradley T. Johnson and H. Thomas S. Hodson, of the Baltimore bar, qualified to practice law in this court.

Authority to obtain license to manufacture oil for manure was granted to Walter H. Marsh and the American Fish Guano Co., and to haul seine to catch fish to manufacture, was granted to the American Fish Guano Co.

Frank Taylor committed to jail, charged with feloniously shooting one William F. Annis, was bailed to appear and answer on first day of next July term.

Jas. W. Bloxom, John W. Kelly and Major T. Wise, surveyors of roads, made their annual reports.

Commonwealth vs. Wm. Matthews (on indictment for petit larceny). Defendant convicted and sentenced to jail for 6 months.

Commonwealth vs. Edward Satchell (on indictment for assault and battery). Defendant convicted and sentenced to jail for ten days and to pay fine of $5 and costs of prosecution.

Order entered, adding the bridge at S. S. Kellam's mill to precinct No. 13, of Pungoteague, of which, John L. Warren is at present, surveyor.

On motion of B. T. Gunter, Jr., county surveyor, Rufus H. Clarke qualified as his deputy.

Commonwealth vs. schooner Joseph P. Boggs (on information charging that schooner was used in violating the oyster law). Jury heard the evidence, but failed to agree upon a verdict.

Nolle prosequis were entered as to indictments against J. Wilkinson, Wesley Young, Edgar Stant, Horace Bundick, Major G. Stant, Louis F. Marshall, Noah Stant and Samuel Wilkinson, for refusing to obey the summons of an officer, and defendants were discharged.

Licenses were granted as follows: Bar-room, to George A. Turner, Shady Grove; James Harmon, Belle Haven; James & Eichelberger, Head of Bradford's Neck; Thos. G. Elliott, Mappsburg; W. B. Daugherty, Daugherty; Lloyd W. Mears, Mearstown; James L. Savage, Bull Branch; Jackson T. Kellam, Belle Haven; George F. Kelso, Bobtown; George F. Winder, Pungoteague; Robert E. Bunting, Shilo Valley; Harvey Marston, Keller station; bar-room and retail, to Alfred S. Bull, Fair Oaks; Wm. C. West, Onancock; James H. Bayly, Cashville; J. Lee Justice, Parksley; Isaiah T. Johnson, Parksley; Emory D. Hinman, Leemont; Wm. Walsh, Mappsville; Henry T. Mason of M., Bloxom; Edward G. Fox, Onley; D. A. Martin, Pungoteague; James T. Wright, Gargatha; Wm. C. Hall, George F. Parker and Wm. E. Lewis, Drummondtown; Samuel C. Mason, Masonville; Artemus E. Poulson, Messongo; Wm. S. Waterman, Bloxom Station; Wm. T. Winder, Onancock; Robert L. Parks, Metompkin; Solomon J. Lucas, Messongo; John M. Colona, Craddockville; Ezekiel A. Bloxom, Locustville; license to keep a hotel, to Wesley A. Bloxom, Locustville; Alfred S. Kellam, Wachapreague; Oswald D. Doughty, Belle Haven, and G. Lloyd Doughty, Drummondtown; as wholesale dealer in malt liquors to Isaac B. Clarke, Parksley; application made for bar-room by Addison Brush, Wachapreague was subsequently withdrawn.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 13, 1893