Peninsula Enterprise, June 7, 1884


Proceedings at May Term, 1884.

Perry Bloxom qualified as administrator of Lewis Young, deceased.

George G. Fox was appointed and qualified as guardian of Alonzo W. and Louis D. Heath, orphans of Louis D. Heath, deceased.

Wm. J. Sharpley resigned as inspector of oysters in Chincoteague and Assateague Bays.

James Thornton resigned as constable for the district of "The Islands."

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered recorded, to wit: Audits of estates of James B. Thomas, Henry G. Russell and Alfred Bayley; orphan accounts of Eva B. Brittingham and Byrdie Amanda Bull; list of debts of W, H. Parker, deceased; trust account of Joseph Thomas and wife's trust funds.

John H. Lofland was appointed surveyor of the public roads for magisterial district of "The Islands," in place of Reuben Bishop resigned on account of ill health.

Certificates to obtain fish license were granted as follows: Gum & Jeffries, Bunting & Fifield, manufacturers, Jno. Edward McGee, Elva Jeffries, John W. Bunting, Wm. C. Bunting, and Washington Rhodes.

John Rogers was appointed surveyor of the road in place of John L. Ward, resigned.

Orders on county treasurer were entered in road matters as follows, to wit: For Marion J. Poulson, $14.90; James H. Tindle, $4; Wm. L. Nock, Bennet Parker, John Turlington, $1 each.

Inquests held over Littleton Thomas Walter and John P. Wilson, respectively were returned and filed.

Wm. P. Goffigon qualified as notary public for the county of Accomac.

Bar room liquor license was granted to Thomas M. Chandler at Craddockville; Doughty & Henderson at Belle Haven; Littleton F. Marshall at New Church.

Retail liquor license was granted to Littleton F. Marshall at New Church.

Orders entered transferring liquor license of George Berry at Horntown to John C. Otwell; and Gillet F. Bunting, at Atlantic to Rowina F. Davis.

The Commonwealth vs. Ezekiel Bloxom, defendant appeared, case continued on defendant's motion, and defendant recognized.

Rule awarded against John M. Bloxom, defendant's witness in case last referred to.

The Commonwealth vs. Revel James Lewis, indictment for felonious dredging, defendant arraigned and tried verdict of not guilty of offense; but of an attempt to commit it, and fine of $40 imposed; judgment entered for fine and costs.

Same vs. William Sommers, indictment for assault and battery, verdict of guilty and 1 cent fine imposed, fine and coats paid into court amounting to $23.48.

Application entered by Joshua Reed, Sr., to correct erroneous assessment of taxes.

Order entered dividing oyster territory into inspection districts, (eight in number.)

Account of John H. Wise, sheriff and jailor, for $88.90 against the State was examined and certified to auditor.

Order entered substituting James T. Walter as trustee in deed from John H. Duncan to Richard Walter, trustee for John B. Henderson.

Petition filed by M. Oldham, Jr., trustee, for information from the court as to disposition by him of $80.55, trust funds in his hands from sales of Thos. H. Budd and wife real estate -- referred to master.

Wm. Walsh, appellant vs. S. J. Lewis, appellee -- (on appeal from judgment of justice), judgment below reversed and annulled, and judgment for appellant's costs in court and before justice.

Upon petition of Major H. Stant for a public road, order opening road upon conditions of appellant paying the costs of petition, and damages of $20 to Jefferson Williams, a proprietor, for his land to be taken.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
June 7, 1884