Peninsula Enterprise, December 9, 1893


Proceedings, November Term, 1893.

Following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Geo. W. Matthews, lunatic, with Jos. E. Brodwater, his committee; Chas. H. Silverthorn and wife's trust account with Isaac T. Bratten, trustee; Audits of estates of David P. Mears and Wm. C. Waters; Orphan accounts of Nora Wise, Harry Thompson, Mary Eliza and William Bagwell Mears, Elijah W. Sturgis, John F. Lingo and Alonzo W. Heath.

J. Wesley Hurst qualified as administrator of Arthur R. Mears, deceased.

The Commonwealth vs. Henry White, colored, (on an indictment for petit larceny). Defendant tried and fined $5 and costs of prosecution.

Wm. H. Knight, bar-room and retail liquor dealer at Taylor's Point, Metompkin district, appeared into court and entered into a new bond.

Authority was granted to Jackson T. Kellam to assign his bar-room license at Belle Haven to John S. Ocheltree; to William A. Sample to assign his license at Pungoteague to Wade H. Armour; to the administrators of Wm. C. Hall, to assign the bar-room and retail license of said Hall at Drummondtown to Geo. H. Hickman; and to Douglas A. Martin to assign his ordinary and retail liquor license at Pungoteague to John T. Auld.

Bar-room and retail liquor license was granted to Charles B. Ewell and Samuel C. Abbott, at Seaside, Metompkin district, and bar-room license was granted to Charles L. Sample at Belle Haven, Pungoteague district.

Robert M. Ross was appointed and qualified as inspector of oysters for district No. 2, of this county.

The following surveyors of public roads made the annual report due from them at March term 1893, to wit: James H. Grinnalds, Samuel J. Revel, James R. Bull of Jas., Julius G. Matthews and Henry O. Finney.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: For James H. Grinnalds, $4; James R. Bull, $10.12; Julius G. Matthews, $10.25; Johnson Blackwell, 84 cents; John W. Bowdoin, $2; Wm. T. Parks, $1; James W. Bloxom, $1; Henry O. Finney, $3; M. T. Wise, $10.70, and S. J. Revel, $6.50.

Order was entered, authorizing T. B. C. Gibb, surveyor of road, to repair Swansea Gut bridge.

John D. Parsons was appointed to view the bridge on Wallop's road on the lands of Jos. Conquest, near the village of Temperanceville.

Upon the petition of Edward T. Somers and others to discontinue public road from the main bayside road to the Guard Shore, as to part of its width. The report of viewers was filed and confirmed by the court and petition dismissed.

Kensey J. C. Horsey was appointed surveyor of road precinct No. 9, of Atlantic district in place of John W. Davis, relieved.

Wm. H. Coard, agent vs. Edward Lilliston (on attachment for rent). Case dismissed on motion of plaintiff.

Upon petition of Francis A. Porter and others for a public road. Petition filed and order appointing viewers entered.

Orders on State treasurer for criminal and lunacy services were entered as follows: For Thos. W. Blackstone, J.P., $1; W. A. P. Strang, J.P., $3; and John H. Ayres, M.D., $2.50.

Walter D. Lewis resigned as guardian of William J. and Sarah M. Mapp, infant children of James B. Mapp.

Commonwealth vs. Elihu Taylor and William Sterling (on indictment for assault and battery on a certain George Gillespie). Defendants tried, found not guilty and acquitted.

George C. Mapp vs. R. C. Wallace (on attachment for rent). Constable Jos. C. Wescott filed his report, which was confirmed by the court, and order was entered for payment of plaintiff's cost out of $53.84, net sales in hands of constable and the balance to be paid over to the plaintiff in part satisfaction of his rent.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
December 9, 1893