Peninsula Enterprise, April 12, 1890


Proceedings, March Term, 1890.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of James H. Baker, Geo. W. Mears of Jas., Edward Bloxom, Comfort Parks, James S. Turner, John B. Campbell and John E. Ames; accounts of Mrs. Margaret S. Ames with John E. Ames' executors; orphan accounts of Thos. L. and Mary E. Hinman, John F., Janie W., Mary A. and James B. Lingo, Elijah W. Sturgis, Virginia S. Mears, Elma K. and Mary Lillian Lewis, L. Rosser, Kate V., Della M. and Minnie F. Johnson; trust accounts of Wm. T. Bundick and wife and others.

Inquest over George Twyford, deceased, returned and filed.

Certificates by the commissioner of revenue in relation to violations of revenue laws were inspected by the court and ordered to be recorded.

A regular grand jury was empanelled and presented three indictments for assault and battery, one for grand larceny, one for petit larceny, one for housebreaking with intent to commit larceny, three for selling liquor without license and ignored three for selling liquor without license, one for grand larceny and one for housebreaking with intent to commit larceny.

L. Floyd Nock qualified as administrator of John R. Hinman, deceased, Samuel B. Slocomb of Thorogood N. Taylor, deceased, Joseph R. Riggs of George Somers, deceased, William T. Wright of Sally Hope, deceased, Alfred J. Gibbons, of Wm. T. Gibbs and Lee J. Gibbs, deceased, Louis J. and Samuel T. Ross of John H. Ross, deceased.

Last will of John R. Johnson, deceased was proved, and Durbin H. Johnson qualified as executor.

Estates of John Dies of Wm. and of Wm. T. Pruitt were committed to John H. Wise, sheriff, for administration.

Accounts against Commonwealth in criminal matters were allowed as follows; For Joseph V. Jester, constable, $10.55, Emory Moffitt, J.P., $1, E. W. Hutchinson, J.P., $4, E. S. Johnson constable, $17.30, Blackstone & Bell $19.60.

Following fines were paid into court: By S. R. Nelson, J.P., $5 fine and $1 costs for certifying fine to auditor, received of Richard Johnson convicted before him of assaulting and beating a certain Loretto Johnson; by Robert T. Harmon, J.P., $3.50 fine and $1 costs for certifying same as above received by him of Charles Simpson, colored, convicted of assaulting and beating a certain Abram Hopkins.

Order entered directing commissioner of accounts to examine official bond of county treasurer and report whether same is sufficient in all respects.

Inspectors of the jail made report which was recorded and copy thereof directed to be laid before Board of Supervisors.

Authority was granted Rev. John B. Pruitt of Onancock to celebrate the rites of matrimony.

Francis West qualified as Notary Public for the county of Accomac.

Wm. J. Barnes was appointed an inspector of oysters and qualified, to fill vacancy caused by death of John R. Johnson.

Samuel J. Lewis, inspector of oysters, made report in reference to the use by the public of Shelby Bay &c., which was duly recorded.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: John W. Evans $10, Jos. C. Boggs $12, Jno. S. Davis $40, Harry W. Custis $2, Wm. T. Bradford $6, Wm. C. Northam $9, Sewell H. Bayly $14, E. T. Groton $14, Elijah Russell $32.70, Chas. P. Finney $5, Asa J. Taylor $12 and $14.43, Lit. J. Tull $12, John R. Duncan $7, S. C. Turlington $5, Wm. T. Mason $11, James H. Satchell $12, Geo. W. Stockley $17.96, John S. Ames $6, Geo. S. Mapp $14, James T. Justice $10.69, and $4.87, Ezekiel Baker $7, Wm. H. Rew $5.25, S. B. Slocomb $12, John O. and John Somers $29.76, J. L. Byrd 70 cents, Sylvanus W. Parks $2, John T. Rayfield $150.00, Spencer F. Rogers $1.50, Wesley S. Miles $8.75, Wm. Hickman of T. $5, Chas. S. Witham $7.

Wm. E. Lilliston was appointed surveyor of roads in place of Wm. Coxton, resigned and Jacob E. Sparrow in place of Chas. S. Witham, resigned.

Sylvanus W. Parks, commissioner, made report in matter of petition of Wm. H. Coard, to ditch public road.

Elijah Russell returned his annual report as surveyor of public roads for district of Islands.

Retail liquor license was granted Geo. F. Parker at his house at Drummondtown.

Geo. T. Ewell vs. Frank J. Annis, (complaint of unlawful detainer). Verdict and judgment in favor of Annis.

Petition of James T. Walkley and others for a public bridge. Contract and bond of Francis S. Smith approved and work ordered to proceed.

Order entered substituting Hezekiah Fitzgerald as trustee in deed from Sally Lewis to Oliver P. Drummond, trustee.

Inspectors of oysters reported as follows, for three months ending February 28th, 1890; S. J. Davis, 1st district, collected $151.67, due State $135.51; John R. Johnson, 5th district, collected $424.02, due State $381.62; James T. Weaver, 6th district collected $315.22, due State $283.70; John C. Justice, 7th district, collected $353.31, due State $317.98.

Ex Parte: Geo. Duffy's administrator. Order for payment of costs and balance to mother of infant children of decedent.

Petition of Geo. S. Mapp and others for bridge over Heath's mill race. Report of L. J. Hyslop, commissioner, filed.

Wm. A. Burton qualified as deputy of John J. Blackstone, county treasurer.

Petition of Wm. T. Mason and others to drain Hack's Neck> road. Petition filed and order appointing John L. Harmanson and others, viewers.

James Bayly and Georgianna Bayly, John Braxton and Handy Parks, not being indicted for the offences for which they were recognized and committed, were discharged from custody.

Venire facias were awarded to 4th day of next term for the respective trials of Puss Crippen and Sadie Walker for grand larceny and Oliver Stran and John Barnes for breaking and entering a railroad car, with intent to commit larceny.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
April 12, 1890