Peninsula Enterprise, February 10, 1894


Proceedings, January Term, 1894.

Nathaniel B. Wescott qualified to practice law.

The last will of Elizabeth East was proved and Geo. W. Parker qualified as administrator.

The last will of John L. Harmanson was proved and Dr. Charles L. Harmanson and John H. Harmanson qualified as executors.

The last will of Arinthia S. Rose was proved.

Accounts against Commonwealth in criminal charges were allowed as follows: For John H. McCready, special constable, $12; Jos. L. Cooper, J.P., $2; W. A. P. Strang, J.P., $5; Wm. M. Taylor, J.P., $2; and Maynard Reed, special constable, $4.60.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered recorded: Audits of estates of George P. Barnes, Edward P. Smith and Geo. Ames of Letty; orphan accounts of Wm. James and Sarah Missouri Mapp, Lloyd W., Charles E., William C., Emma May and Harry L. Gilden, Asa T. Taylor, Clarence E. Birch, Elma K. Lewis, Alberta, Isaac J. and Ida E. Hudson and Henry Olive Rue.

Authority was entered for Alfred S. Kellam to assign his hotel and retail liquor license to N. J. W. LeCato.

George Custis and James Nock, both colored, were discharged from jail, having served the respective terms for which they were sentenced and being unable to pay fines and costs.

Order entered, removing E. A. Jeffryes from office as inspector of oysters for district No. 1.

Thos S. Copes resigned as trustee in deed from George Harmon and wife for benefit of James A. Hall and L. Floyd Nock was substituted in place of said Copes.

Upon petition of Francis A. Porter and others for public road. Report of viewers returned and filed.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: For Solomon T. Johnson, Jno. D. Parsons and Lloyd F. J. Wilson, each $2, Major W. Pilchard, $18, Thomas B. C. Gibb, $21.10 and $7, Robert Williams, $25, Crockett & Winder, $48, John H. McCready, $4.80, G. B. Jones, $68.07, Jeremiah Taylor, $1.35, J. A. Chambers & Co., $5.

A special grand jury was empaneled and returned indictments (true bills) as follows: One for entering a dwelling house in night time with intent to commit rape, one for felonious cutting &c., with intent to maim, two for peddling goods without license, two for felonious dredging, one for disturbing religious worship, two for selling liquor without license and two for petit larceny.

The grand jury ignored bill against Asa J. Taylor for assault and battery and he was discharged.

Robert H. Oldham qualified as deputy clerk.

Joseph E. Brodwater qualified as administrator of Alfred P. Selby, deceased, Alfred J. Lilliston as administrator of Thomas H. Milliner and Sarah A. Milliner, deceased.

John W. Kelly was appointed and qualified as committee of the person and estate of Geo. W. Tull, Jr., a person of unsound mind.

Darkey Holden, colored, was appointed and qualified as guardian of Upshur Parker, colored, orphan of Susan Wise, deceased.

Bar-room and retail liquor license of Geo. H. Hickman of Drummondtown, was revoked by the Court for opening bar-room on Sunday.

Commonwealth vs. James Wright, (on indictment for selling liquor without license at a certain house near Hope's Mill). Defendant plead guilty and paid fine and costs into court.

Catherine Parker, colored, was fined $1, and Fannie Turlington and Laura Turlington, both colored, $2.50 each, for contempt of court, in failing to attend at 10 o'clock a.m., the hour they were summoned to appear.

Bar room and retail liquor license was granted to Wm. L. Bundick, at his house at Drummondtown.

Commonwealth vs. William Melson, (on indictment for petit larceny). Defendant tried, convicted, fined $15 and costs and committed to jail in default of payment.

Commonwealth vs. Joachim Harmon (on indictment for cutting and wounding with intent to maim Wm. H. Kellam). Defendant was tried, found guilty and his term fixed at 10 years in penitentiary. Another case against same continued until 4th day of next term.

The court examined, corrected and certified the delinquent and insolvent list of district No. 2 for year 1892.

Mary J. Pettit &c., appellant, vs. John L. Gillespie, appellee (on appeal). Verdict and judgment in favor of the appellee.

John H. Arbuckle vs. Thomas Taylor (on complaint of unlawful detainer). Verdict and judgment in favor of the plaintiff for the premises in controversy, cost and awarding a writ of possession.

Robert James, colored, recognized to answer indictment for unlawfully breaking the windows of the dwelling house of Wm. H. Kellam was discharged, the grand jury failing to indict him.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
February 10, 1894